Corbin’s Birth Story

I’m not sure why it takes me so long to write down something as important as the story of my child’s birth, but I did the same thing with Aurelia. I kept putting it off, and putting it off, until I eventually had to have Ant help remind me of some of the finer details. Luckily, this time I at least jotted down a general outline of what happened while I was still in the hospital.

How could I possibly forget you ask? Well to be honest, my memory is kinda broken. It’s just an absolutely random jumble of events. I can vividly remember stupid things (like that time as a kid when I used a little plastic see-saw to squish bees), but then important stuff (like most of my wedding day) draws a total blank! It sounds sad I know, but Ant usually remembers all the special events and then forgets what I told him 10 minutes ago, so it works out. ; D
Anyway, for those of you who might need some back story…
My due date was April 13th.   Aurelia, my daughter is 2 1/2.
Ant works about 40 minutes away. (over an hour if there is traffic)

March 27th

6:30 a.m.
For some reason I’m already awake and have the strangest urge to eat an apple. Over the past 3 days I’ve been telling Ant that something feels like it is happening, but I don’t think he really believes me. “You just want something to be happening!” is what he says when I bring it up, but I can’t find words to explain myself so I shrug it off. This baby is gonna be late just like the last one. Everyone says so. So even though I truly do want him to stay home this morning and at least watch Reli while I’m at the Dr., I tell him “No, go ahead. They’re just gonna tell me nothing is happening, and there’s no need to miss work just to hear that. I’ll call you later.”

Reli and I have been sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office for over a half hour and she is starting to lose steam pretty quickly. I’m a bad Mom and never carry around snacks and entertainment for her, but for some reason I packed a special bag this morning. We’ve already burned through all the books and goldfish, and now she is losing interest with the white board too. “Wanna count the stripes on the wall paper?”…(again)

Waiting some more in the exam room…Oh wait, it’s Dr. S. Finally!

I try convincing her to let me schedule to be induced at 39 weeks because we all know this is going to be one BIG baby, but she says no. It doesn’t work that way, and we have to wait at least until 40…blah, blah, blah. I’m pretty cranky about it because I REALLY don’t want to end up getting a C-section, but I give in when she says

“Let’s just check and see what’s going on.”
“OK “ (you totally just want me out of here)
“We are sending you to have this baby.”
“Ow, ow, Holy OW!…What do you mean?”
“Right now. Go over to the hospital and get him out.”
“Now?!” (great now she’s mocking me!)
“Yes, Right now! You’re at 8 cm already!!!”

………………………………Me in shock……………………………………….

“But I have Reli, and I have to call my husband.
 Shouldn’t I go home and wait for contractions or something?”
“If you go home you’ll have this baby in the car!
I’ll call the hospital and tell them to expect you. Get over there NOW!”

Of course I left my cell phone at home this morning, so the nurses have to call Ant for me. (Thank goodness I remembered his number!) But he never answers numbers that he doesn’t know, and even though we call him twice he won’t pick up. (Really?!?!) So I call my Gramma and tell her to keep calling Ant’s phone until he picks up and tell him to get to the hospital “Right Now! Like yesterday even!”

The nurses are a little worried about me and keep asking if I need help, or if I want one of them to come with me. But the hospital is actually just across the parking lot. I think I’ll manage. I haven’t even felt a single contraction yet, so I’m still not convinced that I’m honestly in labor.

Reli and I arrive at the labor and delivery wing where the nurses can’t believe that I’m at 8cm, just strolling in all calm with a toddler in tow. Seriously, my biggest concern was that I had to pee. They set Reli up in a chair with her toys while I get changed and hooked up to all the monitors. Then nurse Jane tells me that I am the answer to her prayers! Evidently it has been a slow morning and she was hoping that a woman would come in who was really far along so that she would get to see the baby delivered before going home for the day. Sweet! lol

Ant shows up and I send him home to get Reli the diapers that I forgot.
You’re probably making the same “Are you kidding me?!” face that he was making at the time, but we live 5 min. from the hospital so it wasn’t as big of a deal as it sounds.

While Ant is gone I get an epidural. It’s not for pain exactly but more of a C-section “back up” plan in case the baby is too big. When I had Reli I didn’t want an epidural. Then her head got a little stuck, and there was lots of talk about the possibility of an emergency c-section. That changed my mind pretty quickly about the epidural.

For those of you who don’t know…If an epidural isn’t already in place when they send you for an emergency c-section you have to be knocked out cold. It needs to be done so quickly that they don’t have time to wait around while the anesthesiologist sets everything up. You get put under and miss the entire birth.

Dr. F breaks my water, and it is just like in the movies. (At least that’s what the student Dr. says.) My water broke on it’s own when I had Reli, but it was nothing like this. This was more like popping a GIANT water balloon, and I say giant because I’m absolutely positive that I could have filled a kiddie pool! The nurses are asking where I have been keeping it all, but my only thought is “Score! I just lost 90% of that baby weight!” lol

Unfortunately, there are no real contractions so they give me a tiny bit of pitocin.

Ant and Reli return just as the contractions start HARD. The meds are only just starting to make my toes fall asleep so I definitely feel everything and the nurses decide to get me another dose and make it work faster. Reli comes over to the bed and looks a little worried about the whole ordeal, but smiles at the Dr. and goes back to her book when I tell her everything is ok.

The drugs have been adjusted, and I can only feel pain in one tiny spot. Dr. F comes in and says we’re ready to go, so one of the nurses takes Reli down the hall to get some graham crackers.
Five pushes later…

We welcome little Corbin, all 8 lbs. 6 oz. of him, into the world!

At 2+ weeks early can you imagine how big he would have been on his due date?!

The worst part of the whole day was actually after everything was over. They thought Corbin may have swallowed some meconium yuck, so we only got to visit with him for about a half hour before they whisked  him away to double check his breathing. Ant and Reli went home to have lunch and get any more stuff we would need, and I was left to sit in the delivery room alone waiting for the feeling to return to my lower half . A normal new Mom might take this time to nap, but I hadn’t worked very hard and was totally wired. Definitely should have packed a book, because it ended up being 3 hours before I was able to see my baby again!

My Dr. still doesn’t believe me that I wasn’t having any contractions before I arrived at the hospital, but I honestly never felt anything! I mean do women who are in pain really shampoo their carpets? (That’s not a weird metaphor or anything, I was really shampooing the carpets.) No one truly knows how long I was in labor, but if you start timing from the first contraction I felt then that would mean I was actively in labor for a whole 52 minutes. Don’t hate me cuz I got lucky! ;D

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