Dolman Tops and Dandelions

I will freely admit that I am not usually a “trendy” person.
So far, none of my projects have involved: burlap, mustaches, moss, bunting, owls, or treats on a stick.
I did give in to the chevrons once, and made a wreath that hung up for maybe 2 weeks but that’s about it.
And though I enjoy seeing things made from vintage sheets, washi tape, old pallets, vinyl, and mason jars…
You probably won’t see any of those around here either. I can never find the darn sheets, I’d buy the tape but never want to “waste it”, and we sure don’t have any extra room around here for storing pallets!Every once in awhile though something gets popular that I already liked.
Anyone remember the shirt I made last year that I loved? (and then immediately shrank!)

Dolman Shirts
1. Target  2. Merrick’s Art  3. Make it Love it  4. Baja Soul

That’s right, dolman sleeves are all the rage right now.

Add in something else that has been gaining in popolarity lately
that Reli is absolutely mad about… (much to my allergy having husband’s chagrin)
Dandelions!Dandelion shirts
1. Clarkie Designs  2. Maitri Garden  3. Crawl Space Studios  4. Revival Ink
And you get something like this…

Dandelion print dolman top

How’s that for trendy?

painted dandelions

I pretty much just traced around a few random household objects (coins, toy cups, votives) with my
disappearing ink pen. Then I painted little dashes for the “fluff” using the circle as a guide.
Add a few stems and some *twinkles*, and you’re ready to play!

Toddler face collage
Sometimes making an outfit is easier than getting a picture of it…
Pink dandelion shirt

But candy bribes usually win out in the end!

What trends have you been crushing on lately?
Is there anything you are just totally sick of seeing?
(hope it’s not dolmans…or dandelions ; )

8 thoughts on “Dolman Tops and Dandelions

  1. "I can never find the darn sheets, I'd buy the tape but never want to 'waste it', and we sure don't have any extra room around here for storing pallets!"
    Hahaha… so me!!! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂 And your trendy dandelion dolman shirt is super cute! Way to give in to the fashion trend!

  2. How cute! Even cuter model! I hope you will link up and participate in the CSI Project this week. The challenge is Refashions and upcycles. Yours are so good!
    Come by every day for tutorials and starting Wednesday you can link up!!! You just might win! Every week is a new challenge. So come by!

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