How do you edit your photos?

Back in the beginning I did all my editing in Photoshop even though I only knew how to do a few simple things like cropping and adding text. Then a few months ago when everyone was stressing over the loss of Picnik I learned about iPiccy. At that moment my photography skills automatically improved like a million percent! Everything about it is so easy (and fun!) that now I end up sitting around editing pictures that I don’t even plan to use on the blog. I just like fiddling around with them for the fun of it. 
So when I noticed that there were a lot of people talking about Picmonkey
I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did because I Love it!  
(Shhh. I really just didn’t want to be the last one on the wagon like I was with Pinterest ; )
Here is my original straight off the camera…

And these are all the fun versions…

So fun!
I don’t think Picmonkey will replace iPiccy for All my editing projects,
but it’s nice to have a few different options in my arsenal. So now I’m curious.
What do YOU use to do your editing? Is there some other cool site I’m missing out on?

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5 thoughts on “How do you edit your photos?

  1. Wow, I had no idea photo editing software could do so much! That's not true, I thought only graphic designers and what not could make this stuff happen. Thank you for sharing this, I'm going to check out these sites and see if they will improve my photographs as well! 🙂

  2. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog today 🙂 I love your bit about the big pile of randomness…lol that's really how I feel most of my creations look! But I think I like randomness! Thanks for the editing site links, I played around some with both of them and I love em!

  3. I like picmonkey too, but I feel it is pretty limited sometimes. I used to use picnik but it is no longer. I still use Picasa. They have taken over most of the same features that picnik had to offer.

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