My Ring Sling

I mentioned a few weeks ago on my list of Newborn Must-Haves how I was getting along with my ring sling.
Well, as Corbin has been getting (MUCH) bigger things are starting to work more smoothly. The tears of frustration have dried, and we are using the sling on more outings than just to the grocery store.
I recently had Corbin in it on a trip to the farmers market, and it came in especially handy this past weekend at the Strawberry Farm when he wanted to be held and I wanted to take pictures. Now I can’t wait for him to hold up his head a bit better so I can start carrying him in a few different ways.


If you’d like to make one for yourself it is actually super easy. You only need 2 1/2 yards of sturdy fabric
(I used linen), and a pair of rings from SlingRings. Then if you can sew a straight line you shouldn’t have any trouble following one of the tutorials found here. I used this overlapping pleats method, and haven’t had any trouble so far, but most of the other styles look just as effective.

I’ve tried the Moby Wrap before and have been looking into Mei Tai carriers,
but I’d also love to hear what other Moms are using! Do you have a favorite kind of baby carrier?

8 thoughts on “My Ring Sling

  1. Super cute! I like how your baby's head is up higher and visible. I always was afraid of losing my little guy in the sling. But that did not last too lon anyway, he did not like the slings at all.

  2. I used a Moby Wrap with my daughter until she was about 20 months. We used it more than the stroller the first year – and we don't own a car. Thanks for sharing your experience and the how-to!

  3. That is so nice. We travel to Zambia from time to time and all the ladies and some little girls carry the babies like that but they just use a piece of material.

  4. I will be featuring this tonight at Sugar and Dots! xo PS- I'm due in about 4 weeks and have two Mobys ready. I also purchased a solid gray RS from Etsy. I am SUPER excited to try out my new Snowflame wrap from PAXBaby though. 🙂 If you find any wraps or slings that you LOVE, let me know. 🙂

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