Snapshot Sunday – Sunshine, Strawberries, and a Shattered Sunroof!

Surprisingly, Reli was more into pulling weeds and picking clover than she was in looking for strawberries.
It was also a bit windy, and Corbin was not interested in me standing still long enough to be of much help,
but we had a good time just getting outside on such a nice day.
Then while we were on the highway driving home, we heard a loud explosion. It honestly sounded like a gunshot had gone off inside the car! Luckily I must be used to the loud outbursts of children, because it didn’t really distract me from driving. After looking all around, Ant slid back the sunroof cover just enough to see that the glass above us was shattered.
Now I know what you’re probably thinking:
It was a rock . . . Nope. No rocks, and we didn’t go under any overpasses either.
OK. The heat outside vs the AC inside . . . No again. It was only 70 outside, and AC makes my feet cold.
It wasn’t previously cracked, nothing hit it from the inside, and we weren’t hit by a meteor. (or airplane poo!)
Did you know that there is a phenomenon known as the spontaneously shattering sunroof? No joke! 
When Ant called a local Ford dealer to make sure there was no recall or anything they told him…
“Yeah. That happens to all the different makes and models. It’s not our responsibility. Call your insurance.”
Wait a minute. This happens frequently enough for the average Joe mechanic to know about it, and
Something about this just doesn’t seem legal. I mean can you imagine if we would have had the cover open?
I cringe every time I picture glass falling down all over my kids. And heaven forbid if the explosion had scared me enough to make me swerve and crash the car!
So I Googled, and the guy was right. I found dozens of different people this has happened to, and there is no distinct similarity between the situations. All different kinds of cars at different temperatures, of different ages, moving at different speeds. This is obviously a manufacturers defect. I even found a video of a professor disproving the fact that the damage could be done by a rock. But the only time you don’t have to pay out of pocket for repairs is if your car is still covered under warranty, and even then the dealer might not even fix it.
I filed a complaint with but who knows if that will make any difference.
So I’m wondering, have any of you ever heard about this?
Has it happened to you or someone you know?
We bought our car used, and it just happened to have a sunroof. It wasn’t something we chose, but now I’m starting to wonder how much attention I should pay to the “amenities” on the next car we buy.
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