I might be a few months behind in making the posts, but I DID remember to take the monthly pictures!
Before month 5 even started Corbin already had his first 2 bottom teeth, and by the end of it he could…
Use his arms to drag himself across the room,

 Sit without help (although he hates to sit still),

and pick up the ladies like nobody’s business!

Lucky for us he has turned out to be a pretty happy baby too. Even if he wakes up WAY too early, he will usually be smiling and cooing when you get him out of the crib. He rarely fusses about going out in public the way Reli used to either, and never cares if his daily schedule gets messed with. He usually just wants to see what’s going on and be part of the action. As long as we don’t skip any meals, he’s good to go.

Which brings me to his most prominent trait…Corbin LOVES food!
Even if he doesn’t like what he is eating, there is No Way he is going to spit it out. He might make a face, or even gag a little, but he is finishing every last spoonful. Most days he acts like he is never going to be fed ever again! 

I mean just look at those pictures. Can’t you tell that he is practically wasting away?!

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