Cheap Seats – Baseball Tee Refashion

I know baseball is done for the year, but here’s a little something that I guest posted over at Melly Sews a while back during her Sew In Tune series.

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Hi Everyone!
I’m Toni from Sugar Tart Crafts, and I’m so excited to be sharing my baseball tees refashion with you today.
Maybe some of you are wondering why there is a little girl pictured during a series for boys. We really do have a boy at our house, but he is more of the baby sized variety. So since I wanted to share something that would be suitable for bigger boys, and all my family and friends have girls…we had to settle for a pinch hitter.
Chubby Baby
Looks more like a linebacker than a outfielder doesn’t he?
The song I chose for my project was Cheap Seats by Alabama. I fully admit that I know nothing what so ever about baseball, but there is something nostalgic and summer-y and very… BOY about it so I figure why not. I’ll probably have to learn a few things about the sport sooner or later anyway!
To make your own Baseball Tees you’ll need…
2 different colored T-shirts of the same size
seam ripper – sewing machine
fabric paint – freezer paper
fabric paint pens – ruler (optional)
remove sleeves
  1. Use your seam ripper to remove the sleeves from both tees.
Pulling on the threads will make this part go much faster.
swap sleeves
2. Pin the sleeves into the armholes of the opposite colored shirt.

stitch sleeves
3. Sew them in place.
Pay special attention to the seam allowance.
This will differ by shirt brand, but is probably relatively small.

print name
 4. Choose a font and print out your team name at a size appropriate for your shirt. Below are a few nice free font options. The ones in the left column are located here and the right ones are here. Just type the name into the search box and download it to your computer.
ball fonts
 Go ahead and draw a tail swoop off the end of your name if you’d like.
tail options
freezer paper
5. Trace your team name onto a piece of freezer paper and carefully cut it out.
Be sure to keep the shiny side of the paper down while you are tracing,
and don’t lose the tiny bits for the center of letters like o, e, a, etc.
iron paper
6. Iron the freezer paper onto your shirt. (the piece you cut from, not the part you cut out)
Again be sure to keep the shiny side down and carefully fit the little bits back into their letters.
 7. Slide something (paper/cardboard/cutting mat) inside the shirt to keep paint from leaking through to the back. Check that all the paper edges are firmly stuck in place, and then paint the exposed shirt.
Be gentle so you don’t force paint under the paper.
dry and peel
8. When the paint is dry (or as long as you can stand to wait)
peel up the freezer paper. Ta Da! Almost done.


9. Use your paint pen to outline the team name.

Let dry, and then iron everything to set it.

**I highly suggest practicing with your paint pen on scrap fabric before going straight to the tee!**
I looked everywhere for the new Sharpie Stained pens. They would have probably been easier, but no luck finding one around here. Short choppy strokes worked best for the actual paint pen, but you have to keep pulling off the fuzz that gathers on the tip if you want a smooth line.


 If you’re really wild and crazy you might even want to add some pinstripes!


 Don’t forget to add a name and number on the back. Then head out and cheer on your team!

rawr bubble
Thanks so much to Melissa and Stacey for letting me be part of their Sew in Tune Series!
Even though this was my first adventure with it, but I’m actually looking
forward to trying out more of this BOY sewing in the future.

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