Rainbow Dash Costume

**Update- If you are looking for the My Little Pony costume tutorial start here!**

Or you can also purchase a custom version from my Etsy shop!

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash costume

I know I’m late. Halloween has been over for almost a week now, and I’m just getting around to sharing the kid’s costumes. What a slacker! But since I know plenty of little girls who would love to add an outfit like this to their play clothes, I’m gonna show off anyway.

We started thinking about what the kids would be way back in July and had settled on a zebra for Reli and a lion for Corbin because Reli’s favorite movie at the time was Madagascar. It didn’t take more than 2 weeks though for her to change her mind and decide that My Little Ponies were the new “big thing”. I was secretly overjoyed since I loved My Little Ponies as a kid, and we watched every episode on Netflix right away.

My Little Pony - Main 6 characters
Then we just had the problem of deciding which of the mane six ponies Reli would like to dress as. Of course we went back and forth on this for days. I figured she would want to be Pinkie Pie because what little girl wouldn’t want to be the pink hyper-active sugar obsessed pony? But no. Reli wanted wings, (and even though I secretly think that Fluttershy is cuter) she picked Rainbow Dash who is evidently 20% cooler!
Front and Back views of Rainbow Dash Costume

Next I got started breaking Rainbow down into easy to sew parts. The initial plan was to make just a hoodie and pants with all the parts attached. Much like this adorable version over at CINO. (Jess really got the jump on me finishing her’s so early. Especially while she’s pregnant!) But I wanted to have a removable tail and wings that could be added to our dress-up box. Then Reli could put them on when she wanted and I wouldn’t have to make sure that the outfit was clean whenever she had the whim to wear it.

Parts of Rainbow Dash Costume, Hoodie with ears and mane, pants with cutie mark, tail and wings

The mane and ears are part of the hoddie, but the wings have elastic straps that you can wear like a back pack. Then I just added a cutie mark to a plain pair of pants, and the tail is attached to a belt that can be velcroed around the waist. The wings are by far my favorite part and I’ll probably be sharing a tutorial for those and the ears sooner or later. I’m not completely happy with the tail yet, but Reli has asked me to make outfits for the rest of the group, so I guess I’ll be able to keep practicing until I get it right!

Is there any character from your childhood that you’d love to dress your kid as?
I’m already planning for next year. What do you think? GI Joe? Rainbow Brite? Care Bears?
Ninja Turtles? Jem? Wuzzles? Thunder Cats? He-man & She-ra? Snorks? Pound Puppies?
Thank goodness I’ve got plenty of time to decide!

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28 thoughts on “Rainbow Dash Costume

  1. I like yours better than the yarn version. So cute. Also like the idea of removable tail and wings. She can wear any color sweatsuit with the rainbow tail and wings and create her very own Little Pony.

    1. Hi Liss, I'm working on a tutorial for this outfit (still trying to figure out Pinkie Pie's hair!), but if you e-mail me, I'll send you a copy of the template I used for the ears.

  2. Did you buy the hoodie and pants or did you make them? How/ what did you use to do the cutie mark? It looks fantastic! I'd love to do this for my little one, Rainbow Dash is her favorite!

    1. Thanks so much. I made the hoodie and pants out of fleece. Cutting a hoodie down the middle would have been much easier, but there was no way I was going to find the proper blue color I needed. The cutie mark was hand painted onto white fabric, and then appliqued to the tush of the pants. Printing an iron on transfer would probably have been easier, but I like to do things the hard way. ;D

  3. There's been a lot of interest in this costume lately, and I just want everyone to know that…
    No, I am not currently selling these outfits but
    Yes, I'm working on the pattern/tutorial.
    It should all be posted by early September in time for you to make one for Halloween this year. I'll even be adding the horn for Twilight Sparkle and Rarity, and hopefully the crazy curly hair for Pinkie Pie. I'm so glad you all like the costume and can't wait to see who you choose to make!

  4. I am waiting with baited breath!! My daughter will absolutely flip out when she sees this!! She's older than the other girls mentioned on here… Will there be mark ups for older girls as well? My Pony Girl is 9! :o)

  5. Hi Julie! I'm going to show you how to make the hoodie and pants in any size you'd like, and the add-ons like the ears & horns are one size, so you could even make a matching version for yourself!

  6. I had not sewn in quite awhile, but we couldn't find a Rainbow Dash anywhere. My daughter thought I could do this for her daughter. Following your tutorial I was able to absolutely delight my granddaughter. Thank you so much for the clear instructions and the cute ideas. My granddaughter was practically beside herself with excitement over this costume. Great ideas and explanations!
    D. Wanner

    1. You're very welcome! I honestly can't believe that Hasbro hasn't come out with better pony costumes yet, but I'm thrilled so many parents & grandparents have been able to make their own with my tutorials. It's just amazing to see all these little kids so excited to be their favorite pony!

  7. Even though I sew, I was hoping you sold these! lol I guess I'll be making Rainbow Dash! Who, by the way, according to my 5 year old and her friends, is like 100% cooler lol

  8. Thanks for this tutorial! I was able to make my 4 yr old and 3 yr old Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie outfits for this Halloween! I wish I could share a photo! It was 38 degrees here in Cleveland, and was VERY grateful for warm costumes this year!

    I didn’t have any fluff fill for the wings on hand, so I used very thick pellon (71f) + quilt batting sandwiched between two layers of fleece for the wings. I then zig-zagged stitched around the raw edges like an appliqué to hide the edges. Worked great!

    I also added bell sleeves and flare pant legs to mimic hooves! I then added blue sequins at the seam of the “hooves” for Rainbow Dash; and pink ruffle ribbon for Pinkie Pie. The cutie-mark was moved to the chest of the hoodie since my daughters both insisted on tutus (their cousin had a store-bought Rainbow Dash halloween costume with a tutu), and the tutu would have covered the cutie mark. I traced the cutie marks onto white fabric, reinforced the fabric with fusible interfacing (to make it sturdier to cut out), and hand-painted. I used Unique Stitch fabric glue to affix them to the hoodie. Worked like a charm!

    Thanks again!

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