Snapshot Sunday – Apple Picking Adventure

We had so much fun picking strawberries back in June (aside from the sunroof incident) that we decided
to take a trip out to another one of the pick-your-own farms for some fall apple picking goodness. 
Anyone recognize the sling? It looks so different from when Corbin first started using it!
Little girl picking an apple

The day was lovely, and Stribling Orchard where we went was absolutely gorgeous. That whole area is beautiful, and I wish we could live out there without Ant having a 2+ hour commute. I’m sure he wouldn’t be too fond of that, and I’d probably be pretty aggravated too if he never got home until after 8pm. Oh well.
Dad holding up girl to pick apples
Reli was a bit upset at first that she was too short to reach more than one or two by herself,
but with a little help from Daddy, we had our bag filled up in no time at all.
Baby helping Mom pick apples
Corbin even got in on the picking action, 
and we ended up leaving with a hefty 10 pound bag of apples!
After a few samples of course…
Baby trying to eat an apple

Most of the farms and orchards are closed for the season by now, 

but I can’t wait to go for raspberries and peaches next summer.

Do you have a favorite pick-your-own fruit or veggie?

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