Stag Silhouette Thermal

Stag silhouette thermal
Last week I was going through my refashion box looking for sweaters that I might be able to give new life for the winter, when I came across a shirt that I had made last year. I’m not sure that I’ve ever told you this, but I have an obsession with thermals. Absolutely LOVE’em! I don’t know what it is about this waffle knit fabric, but the second the weather turns cool that’s all I want to wear. And of course the kids wardrobes are full of it simply out of association. So every time I go to the thrift store, I keep an eye out for thermals I can add to my collection. 
Anyway, last year I shrank a few of my favorite adult ones down to Reli’s size
(tutorial on that coming soon…), and this blue one was in the pile still waiting to be hemmed. 
Does anybody else do that? 
Get a project one step from finished and then forget all about it? 
Story of my life…
Stag silhouette thermal

Luckily after a year of her growing like a weed, it still fit. Almost. The sleeves were a little short but hey,
I could always pretend that I had made them 3/4 sleeves on purpose right? 
Nope. Reli can’t stand 3/4 anything. Sleeves, capris, cropped leggings, socks, if it doesn’t fall just where she wants it she’ll tug at it all. day. long. until she either stretches it out, I take it off her, or she gets frustrated and has a meltdown. Whichever comes first. I admit it is hilarious watching her pull her pants down ever 5 minutes trying to get those capris to “fit”, but I didn’t really want to start a fight with this one.

Stag silhouette thermal

 So I rooted through my knit scraps and found a bit of brown t-shirt that was left over from the dribble bibs I made when Corbin was born. One of the pieces was the hem of a brown shirt, so I cut off the blue cuffs and left the thermal edges raw. Next I made two tubes from the t-shirt and used a zig zag to stitch the little brown tubes onto the ends of the blue sleeves. Score… pre-hemmed sleeves!

It didn’t seem finished though, so I used the leftover fabric to make a stag head applique.

 Zig zag around the hem and dub it the “rugged” look. 😉

Stag silhouette thermal

Heck, it doesn’t even look too girly, I might be able to save this one for Corbin. Gotta love a two for one project! Have any of you started your winter wardrobe sewing or am I just way behind as usual?

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