Where the HECK have you been?

I’ve received a few e-mails lately asking just that question, and I’m here to let you all know that I’m still alive! 
Nothing horrible has happened like I quit blogging or anything. I promise. No one is deathly ill, nothing burned down, or exploded, or anything as interesting as all that. The honest truth is that I simply burned out. 
*gasp* NO WAY!
It’s true. Trying to do everything, for everyone, at all times finally caught up with me. I know that most of the “must be perfect” pressure was self inflicted, but I’ve found that it also builds over time as well. 
In the beginning when it’s all “girl meets boy happy giggly couple-ness” things are pretty easy to keep up with. Then you have the first kid and start staying at home. “Ok, this is tough, but once I get a schedule things will be fine” so you muddle through. Everything starts getting better and then you get cocky and do something stupid like start a blog, move to a new state, have another kid, or all of the above in my case. 
You know things are slipping, but by now you’re in too deep. Might as well decide to home school the kids, start your own etsy/business, do swim/dance/whatever-lessons and begin prepping for the apocalypse. 
There ARE after all a few hours that aren’t devoted to laundry, cleaning, dishes, cooking dinner, breastfeeding, baby food making, grocery shopping, picture editing, blog posting, Dr. appointments, play dates, sewing some awesome Halloween costumes, planning that EPIC* birthday party, and finishing all those handmade Christmas presents. (*Just so you know…I really can’t stand that word!)
Then IT happens.
(dun dun dun)
You have a
Your parasites family has no idea what’s hit them.
What happened to the “I’ve got it all under control” Mom they know and love?
The answer: Her brain melted. Puddle of goo, oozing from her ears, “quick get the shop vac!”, melted. 
True story.
So I shut off the computer and pretty much spent the past 3 months trying to get everything back under control and organized around here. That meant no checking my e-mail 30 times a day, no blogs to read through, no linky parties to join, no posts of my own to write, or pictures to edit. 
Did I get it all straightened out you ask? 
Heck NO. 
The universe threw everything at us from teething to tantrums. The apartment flooded (3 different times!), and both the cars broke down. Of course it was crazy to think that I might actually catch a break, but I missed you all too much to stay away any longer. I mean there are amazing birthday cakes, adorable halloween costumes, and rapidly growing kidlets that I need to brag about! Who else listens to me besides you guys? (sure as heck not my kids!) 
It might take me awhile to get into the swing of things again, but I wanted you all to know that I’m back. 
At least until my next major melt down.

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3 thoughts on “Where the HECK have you been?

  1. Toni, you're so cute!!!! Oh sure, we've missed the heck outta you being MIA, BUT………..it happens to the BEST of us once or twice!!! Girly, you've EARNED this time away from the screen!! Though, I do hate to think the Kharma Bug bitcha for NOT being here by flooding, breaking down, having a tantrum or three, teething, etc!!! We are so VERY glad to see you back & maybem JUST maybe, things will STOP messin w/ your family, cars, water pipes & such if you spend more time w/ US!!!! I mean, you DID have us spoiled for a while there!!!! Welcome back to the world of laundry piling up, kids crying, teeth hurting, dishes not done, dinners late, Hubs feeling neglected while you share your crafts, photos, life tales & such with those who LOVE you MOST!!!!

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