Chunky man alert!
Right off the bat this month I quit breastfeeding. 
Yup. I’m a quitter! 
I know some of you are shaking your heads thinking “Oh man, you could have made it a year…” and others 
of you are thinking “Wow, That’s damn good. Longer than I made it…” Well, I’m sure as heck not judging either group, because I was actually thinking both things when I finally gave up. Ant on the other hand was solidly in the “Great job…now STOP IT!” group. Once those top 2 teeth broke through I kept hearing something about
baby teeth + boobs = blood and pain. (Ain’t that the truth!)
I really did want to make it a whole year this time, but I’m also super proud of myself for sticking with it as long as I did. I truly feel that each baby/family/situation is different, and everyone needs to do what works for them. It turns out Corbin (all 20+ pounds of him!) was just too hungry for me to keep up with. Heck, when Reli was born we didn’t have a busy toddler running around, and I couldn’t make it for 3 months. This was a big improvement!
One of the biggest deals for me this month is that Corbin has been kicked out of our room. He began saying MaMa & DaDa, and is already using it against us. He seems to really know which one of us he is addressing, and would peek through his crib bars at me in the wee hours repeating “mama…MaMa…MAMA!” at ever increasing volumes until I finally got out of bed. The little stinker! 
So now he has been relegated to bunking with Reli, and it could not have been an easier transition. Thank goodness! Aurelia evidently sleeps like the dead and completely ignores any noises Corbin makes before 7 am. If I had known that was the case I would have moved his little tush down the hall ages ago!

Now we’re just waiting for this little monster to take his first steps. He has already learned how to pull himself up and cruise around holding on to the furniture, but he hasn’t tried letting go just yet. I don’t particularly want him to start walking. He is already fast enough to keep me busy, but I’m definitely over the head bonking stage. Maybe I should try to convince him to go back to crawling…all the mobility without the injuries! 

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