Our First Tree

Is everyone ready for Christmas?I know I’m not! 
Where did the last month go, and why are there still so many things to do? 
We did at least manage to get a tree this year. Yay!
 I know that may sound kinda dumb to most of you, but this is our very first tree. Like ever. 
In the 3 years we dated and the four years we’ve been married, Ant and I have never had a tree. 
And for those of you running the numbers, Yes. Aurelia has never had a Christmas tree either. 
(gosh, why does that make me sound like a bad parent?)

I know Ant thinks I’m kind of a scrooge. (He’s still shocked that I’ve never seen most of the holiday classics like Charlie Brown, It’s a Wonderful Life, or even A Christmas Story) I’m not exactly sure when I started to be such a grinch, but we’ve never actually spent the holidays in our own home so I didn’t feel much need to have a tree. Especially one that our cats would just try to eat and knock over while we are gone. So last year we made a deal that we would finally stay home for Christmas, and get our first tree. (It was even one of my resolutions!)

Now Reli certainly seems to like it and tells everyone on the phone that it’s her tree, but I’m honestly not convinced. Maybe I haven’t been trying hard enough, but we haven’t bothered to turn the lights on more than a handful of times, and neither of us can seem to remember to water the darn thing! I’m beginning to think that all these years of apartment living have stolen my Christmas spirit. Am I the only one who feels this way, or is this year just not as Christmas-y as usual? What do you think? Maybe we just need some snow!
What do you do to get your family excited for Christmas?

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2 thoughts on “Our First Tree

  1. Toni, you are too funny!! This will be the first year in 21 that we DON'T have a tree!!! I know the feeling about NOT feeling very "Cristmasy" this year but I can't explain it either! Enjoy your tree, it is very pretty w/ the blue/silver decos!! And Reli looks so happy, standing there in front of it! She is such a Beauty!! Merry Christmas to you & yours!! kweenbee_612@yahoo.com

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