2 Year Blogger-versary

Happy New Year 2013

I can’t believe Sugar Tart Crafts is 2 years old today! 
 When I first began posting, I hadn’t even been reading craft blogs for a month or so before I pretty much said “I can totally do that!”, and jumped right in. What the heck was I thinking? I had no idea about page layouts, header design, link backs, how to write tutorials, resizing & editting pictures, linky parties, or anything else along those lines, and in those first few years months of posts you can definitely tell I have no idea what I’m doing. (And heaven knows that I still have absolutely no clue when it comes to social media!) 
Now 2 years later, I’ve made bloggy friends (aka the people I stalk but have never really talked to), managed to wrangle up a few followers (HI there!) and have even had the pleasure of guest posting a few times here & there. I’m still not anywhere close to where my overactive imagination thinks I should be, but I’m definitely accomplishing more creatively than I would if I hadn’t started blogging at all. 
Writing a blog has been a much bigger struggle than I initially thought, and most days I feel “so far behind” in relation to where I thought I would be by now. There have been plenty of times when I sit and wonder “Why don’t you just quit already? This is such a stressful time-suck!”, and I’ve been tempted. Very Tempted to give up. But I’ve also learned so many fun things along the way, and had more than a few people tell me that I have helped them. Even if all I did was explain how to sew on a piece of bias tape, something I think about as “no big deal”. Someone else out there learned something new, and I was the one who help teach them. That right there is such a great feeling. 
So weather this is your first visit, or you’ve been with me for awhile no, I’d like to say Thank You for sticking around through the pointless rambles, the sporadic disappearances, and the all too frequent “soon I’m gonna show you” things that I never seem to get around to. My mind has bigger plans than my body can keep up with it seems, but it is always with the best of intentions. Just wait til you see my plans for 2013! ;D

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