2012 Goals – What Happened?

I must have had a case of temporary insanity last year when I was making my resolutions. All 24 of them!!!

Who does that? Way to be ridiculously over-ambitious, and then make yourself feel like crap when you don’t truly accomplish anything. Go Me! Guess I’m just cool like that. Anyway, here was my plan for the last year, and a few notes on how much of it I actually managed to get done.

12 Must Do Craft Projects for 2012

1. Get the craft supplies organized.

We’re half way there, although I’m convinced this one is a never ending battle.

I have a post about this coming, so you’ll see pictures of my new and “improved” area.

edited hydrangea flowers photo

2. Learn how to use the DSLR camera properly.
This one was going pretty well. The newborn photos that we took of Corbin were AWESOME (if I do say so myself!), and I’ve even started trying out some fun effects like these blurry backgrounds. Most of the time I know what I want to do, but just don’t know how to do it. I’m sure reading the manual thoroughly would be a big help, but practice will probably make a difference…And learning how to edit what I screwed up is always helpful too!
3. Reduce my fabric stash by half.
Ha Ha Ha, Make my stash smaller. YEAH RIGHT! What the heck was I thinking? 
Baby projects like the Nursing cover, Ring sling, Boppy covers, Changing pad covers, and Baby kimonos, definitely took a little bite out of my stash, but if anything it has managed to grow. Plus, now that I’ve been able to get everything out in the open where I can see it, I’m starting to realize just how much fabric I actually have. 
It’s pretty scary seeing all this cute stuff I totally forgot I owned!

Little girl in dandelion shirt

4. Re-do everything in the “refashion” pile.
This is pretty much the same as #3, but I feel like we are adding things to the pile faster than I can sew. My husband seems to be handing me button downs almost weekly! So far though the Dandelion dolman, Butterfly dress, Stag ThermalDribble bibs, Baby hatsBurp cloths, and Heart dress have all used up some of those extra tees we had floating around.

Peanut Swaddler Tutorial

5. Sew more clothing. (and share the patterns with you guys) 
Unfortunately I haven’t had many real patterns to share because of all the baby gear that took over the last few months before Corbin was born. I am super proud of the Peanut swaddler pattern though, and have been able to cross the Sadie shirt, Peasant dress, and a few refashions above off my to-do list.

6. Make personalized sewing labels.
I actually designed these and was ready to print them out when something my husband said made me think that our printer wouldn’t work. I planned to go to Kinko’s instead, but never got around to it. Now this past week Ant told me our printer really would work after all. Doh, So close and yet still so far!

7. Splurge and buy some of the “expensive” fabric.

Wait. Ummmmm, didn’t I just say I was going to reduce my stash?

8. Learn to make granny squares.
Nope. I’m still trying to finish the blanket I started for Corbin last Christmas – 2011 :/

9. Make a quilt. (the right way)
Lets just pretend I didn’t even mention this one…

10. Knit a pair of socks.
This is really a cold weather activity. I’ll think about it later… ;D

11. Makeover a piece of furniture.
No dice. How exactly does one accomplish this in an apartment?

12. Make a scrapbook.
Haven’t even thought about this one, but I have learned to edit my photos a bit better,
and also started following some scrapbook related blogs. That’s a start right?
Eh, I should probably just go the Project Life route anyway…

1. Try not to stress so much.
This was something that I pictured staying on my list for pretty much forever.
Once you have kids it just seems to be part of the territory, and I’m not very good at it anyway.
2. Do more things for myself.
Does taking steps towards bettering my blog count as doing more for myself since blogging is
my attempt to keep some of my sanity? If not, then no, I didn’t get around to this one either.
3. Eat healthier. (as a family) 

Well, Ant lost about 15 pounds this past year so I’m going to pretend that my cooking had
something to do with that. (Let’s just forget about the fact that he goes to the gym…)

newborn baby

4. Lose the baby weight.

I did it! I really and truly did… and then I stopped breastfeeding and gained five pounds back.
That doesn’t seem very fair that each baby brings a seemingly permanent addition of five extra pounds.
Thank goodness I’m not planning on any more kids!
5.Get dressed most days. &
6. Put together a “proper” wardrobe.
Nursing puts certain limits on a woman’s wardrobe, but I went out the weekend after Thanksgiving and bought
 my very first pair of skinny jeans. Who knew they looked so cute with a pair of tall boots? ;D

7. Get Mini Miss potty trained.

I can’t take credit for this one, since it was something that would
inevitably happen, but thank goodness it’s over anyhow.
Girl splashing in fountain
8. Go on more outings with the kids.
We did make it out to Build-a-bear, Strawberry picking, Apple picking, the Zoo, and the
Capitol/National botanical garden, but should have do a whole lot more. Hopefully this will be a lot
easier to do once Corbin gets a little bigger.
9. Decorate the house.

10. Go on a family vacation.

11. Go on more dates with Ant.

and No.
Wow. That’s kinda sad.

12. Let Ant have a Christmas tree and get into the holiday spirit.

We did get the tree, but not so much on the spirit. Does that count?

How did you make out on your 2012 resolutions?

Are there any that you are going to have to repeat again this year?

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