9 month baby growth photos

Well it finally happened. This month the Dr. officially labeled Corbin as . . . CHUNKY!
No kidding, He weighed in at 25 lbs 3 oz at his 9 month check up. We’re talking the 97% range for his age! Parents are always so concerned that their babies aren’t eating enough, and we hear a lot of “Don’t worry, they’ll let you know when they’re full”…blah blah… but that is totally untrue with this lil man. When the Dr. asked me how much he eats during a day, her jaw practically dropped at my answer. Bubba eats waaaay too much!
9 months old

I know there is so much talk about childhood obesity, but I’m really not too worried just yet. Corbin’s still on the taller side for his age, and there is still plenty of time for him to even out when he starts walking. I guess I just thought he was going through a ridiculous growth spurt this whole time, but it’ll also probably help that we’ve given up on spoon feeding completely. Now we just let him eat little chunks of our dinner instead, and that should help him to realize he is full sooner than if we are just shoveling it in for him.

9 month baby photo collage

Is it just me or does he already look skinnier in the 9 month picture than he did in the 8 month one?

Can’t believe how much I’m gonna miss all those chubby little rolls and extra chins!

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3 thoughts on “9 Months

  1. Aww the little cutie!

    I'm not sure he's what they're talking about when they talk of childhood obesity, he needs his energy for growing! He is a total cutie, very cuddle-able! xx

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