Glitter Snowball Ornaments

I know Christmas is over, but I made these ornaments to go on our first Chtistmas tree. There are still plenty of people who like to leave up “Winter Decorations” so I figured I’d share them anyway, no matter how late.
DIY Snowball Ornaments
When I was small, my Gramma used to make a special ornament each year for her 3 kid’s families, and sometimes each individual person. They were usually something plastic canvas, or cross stitched that you could tell she put a lot of time into for us. I’m not sure when she stopped making these special ornaments, but this year I decided to take up the mantel and keep this tradition going. Of course I decided this all at the last possible minute, and got really lucky that I already had all the supplies on hand! I suppose it also helps that they are super quick and easy to make too. 
DIY Snowball Ornament Supplies
All you’ll need to make your own is a glass or plastic ornament bulb,
a jar of Snow-Tex, some fine glitter, and a paint brush.
Ribbon is completely optional, but also really cute!
DIY Snowball Ornaments Tutorial
Go ahead and use plastic bulbs if you’d like them to be more sturdy.
I just happened to have a few boxes of clear glass bulbs on hand.
DIY Snow-Tex Snowball Ornaments Tutorial
*Be extra careful putting your finger inside a glass ornament.*
I definitely managed to cut my pinkie somehow : P

Glitter Snow-Tex Snowball Ornaments Tutorial
After making these I found out there is a version of Snow-Tex that already
has glitter mixed into it. Could this get any easier?
DIY Snow-Tex Snowball Ornaments Tutorial
DIY Snow-Tex Snowball Ornaments Tutorial
Once the first layer is dry, go back and add more snow-tex to cover any holes that were missed.
DIY Snow-Tex Snowball Ornaments Tutorial
Everyone in my family loved them, and no one knew that these beautiful snowballs only
took me 5 minutes to make! I should probably start a little earlier next year though.
Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament?
Have you made or received any that are extra special to you?

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4 thoughts on “Glitter Snowball Ornaments

  1. I just found you through TJ and I can't tell you how much I love this. So simple and yet so lovely! Also, I looked though your other projects–you have some great stuff here! Therefore, I’d like to invite you to link up at my new link party (I know, an other link party?!?) but this one is different. It is for our OLD posts, great ideas that we feel didn’t get enough attention the first time around.

    Hope to see you there!

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