Go Ravens! Baby Jersey

*Update – Corbin wore his shirt to cheer on the Ravens during the Superbowl!*
Custom Baltimore Ravens baby shirt
Do you ever have a project that gets so stuck in your head that you can’t do anything else until you finish it?
Well with the Super Bowl being only days away this one was pretty much a no brainer.


Did you know the Baltimore Ravens are my team?
Even though I was born in Pennsylvania I lived right on the Maryland line. Baltimore was much closer than
the Eagles in Philly, or the Steelers in Pittsburgh, so the Ravens became my “home team”. (thank goodness!)
Custom Baltimore Ravens Jersey
Corbin actually means raven, but no I didn’t do that on purpose…
Well, this year at least 1 (maybe 2) of our most important veteran player are retiring, and besides we’re in the Super Bowl!
*Shaking Pom Poms like mad* There’s no way I could let the season go by un-commemorated.
So after a few days of tiny scissors, tiny-er paintbrushes, and a whole lot of heat and bond,
This is what I was left with… GO RAVENS!
Hand-painted Baltimore Ravens Logo


 Anthony would like it known that he does not endorse this in any way. He is a NY Giants fan, but he tolerates my purple passion because we are in different divisions and rarely ever play each other. So I’m not technically rooting against him. We did however have a game this past season, and I must point out that the Ravens crushed the Giants 33-14. So yeah, my team’s pretty much better than his, and the kids will totally be on my side! ;D
Do you follow football, or do you prefer a different sport?
 Who’s your favorite team?

4 thoughts on “Go Ravens! Baby Jersey

  1. I'm so rooting for the Ravens in the Super Bowl but I'm a Colts fan!!! Oddly enough my husband doesn't have a team and watches football only when I do!

  2. Let's Go Ravens!! Our daughter and her family live in Baltimore. I've never been in a town that supports its team more than Baltimore supports the Ravens. Awesome!! Hoping with all my heart that they win!! Let's hear it for Ray Lewis!!

    Kathy Lee

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