Hey, Corbin looks a lot like…

Do you ever look at one of your kids and think…

“Wow, he/she looks an awful lot like (insert famous person’s name here)?”

I know, me neither. I’m usually far too busy pinning awesome pictures of food I will never cook, stalking some blogger that I have a crush on, or checking my e-mail for the 15th 16th 17th time this morning.

 (you never know when someone might send a comment. right?)

Anyway, I just so happen to have one of those rare “free” moments when I looked across the room to where Corbin was being beaten up by his sister playing. Normal people would see this…

Chubby Baby

but I saw this…

Channing Tatum

Wait What?!

(double take)

baby looks like Channing Tatum

Seriously, take another look.

baby looks like Channing Tatum

and another…

baby looks like Channing Tatum

and another…

baby looks like Channing Tatum

and maybe just one more.

baby looks like Channing Tatum

Heck It’s not torture. You KNOW you like to look at him!

(I’m talking about my kid of course)

So…What do you think? Am I seeing things or do you see the resemblance too?

I know I sure wouldn’t mind sitting around fantasizing that Channing Tatum might actually have donated some DNA to chubba man’s gene pool, but I’m pretty sure my husband is leaning more in this direction…

baby looks like dopey dwarf

Shhhh, We just won’t tell him that those genes are HIS half!

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3 thoughts on “Hey, Corbin looks a lot like…

  1. Wow, that's uncanny! Have you seen 'The Vow'? I love it, I seriously considered leaving my husband for Mr Tatum but you know, he'd be lonely without me and my hoard of crafting stuff! xx

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