January Crushes

Favorite things from January 2013
Every once in awhile I come across products, websites, or just random little items that I wish I could share with everyone. Now I know most people do that sort of thing on Facebook or Twitter, but since I don’t have those I decided just to stock pile all my little shout-outs until the end of each month, and make a post out of them. 
So here are a few of the things that I was crushing on during January!
Books: The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld
Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series
I know these books have been around for some time, but I’ve just now gotten around to reading the whole series,  and I loved them! The last one, Extras, pretty much seemed like just that, an extra, but the first three really had me enthralled. A dystopian world ruled by plastic surgery…It was definitely something new!

TV & Movies : Downton Abbey

Downton Family Portrait
It’s BACK! Need I say more? Even Ant has become addicted!


Photoshop Multiple Exposure Tutorial

I’ve been on quite the Photoshop kick lately trying to make my photos and other blog elements more polished and interesting, and Katrina’s blog Pugly Pixel has been a god send. She has tons of free shapes, brushes, actions, and dozens of tutorials to help make your photoshop experience easier, and totally cute. Even if you don’t use photoshop, you should still go check it out. There are plenty of great inspiration photos!

Food: Blood Oranges

inside of a blood orange

If you’ve never had one of these wonderful fruits, you need to try them ASAP. Everyone describes it as having an orange crossed with a raspberry type flavor, but I just call them amazing! I fell in love when Ant and I were in Italy, and was extremely disappointed when we couldn’t find any here in the states. January through March seems to be the peak season, but you have to keep an eye out. They show up one week and have disappeared by the next. Last year Ant found a few for my stocking at Harris Teeter, but this year I actually grabbed a bag from Walmart of all places. You never know where they’ll be!

Kids: Fisher Price Stack and Roll Cups

Fisher Price Stacking cups

Corbin got these for Christmas, and they have been our most popular toy since then. They stack, nest, snap into balls, and take up practically no room at all. Corbin likes to bang them together, Reli likes to pretend they are mixing bowls, and I’ve even caught Ant playing with them a time or two. Makes a wonderful baby gift!

Adults: Dyson DC39 Animal

Dyson dc39 vacuum

Yeah that’s right, I’m excited about a vacuum, and I freely admit it! Did you know that we have four cats?

(no judging! That’s less than we had when Reli was born…) Anyway, we have 2 short-haired cats, 2 long-haired cats, 2 kids, and a vacuum that would spit out just as much dust as it sucked in. Ant has been telling me I could have a Dyson since they first released the animal over 3 years ago, but it never came to pass. So this past black friday when they went on sale, I said “Buy it now! OR ELSE!” (in my very sweetest voice of course), and it was here in less than a week. I don’t love it more than fabric, but it’s  pretty far up there on the list. 

Just for Fun: Chocolate Truffle Chapstick

Chocolate Truffle Chapstick
Remember all those different flavored Lip Smackers you had back in Junior high? Well, I’m normally a standard Cherry type of girl, but I got one of these for Christmas and loved it so much I went out and bought two more. You know, In case one gets lost like they always do. It’s a limited edition after all, so better safe than sorry right? I also tried the Apple Cider flavor. It was alright, but honestly how can that compare to Chocolate Truffles? 

What have you been crushing on lately? Are any of these your favorites too?

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P.S. I didn’t receive anything for writing about the products above, I just personally enjoyed them.
Blah blah legal type stuff…

3 thoughts on “January Crushes

  1. Being a blog stalker again lol

    I LOVED the first to books in the uglies series. I read them years ago but haven't picked up the others just yet.

    I haven't watched Downton Abbey but I keep seeing commercials and I'm all like 'that's Professor Mcgonagall.'

    And now I definitely think I need to try that toy! I think B would be in love.

    I too love the chocolate truffle! My husband is a fan of the apple cider though.

  2. Fun idea! I'm a huge fan of Downton Abbey. I've watched it since the second season was on TV, but I caught up with season 1 on Netflix first and instantly fell in love. Last week's episode nearly killed me!

    I have to say that I read your About page and I think you and I are kindred spirits. I've dyed my hair all kinds of colors too. Last year was my favorite, puprle. I miss it so much! And, I'd love to have llamas or alpacas! Other than cats, they're my favorite animal!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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