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I just found out that Costco is currently selling Kumon Workbooks (at least in my area).

Reli loves these books, and I was so excited I grabbed practically the entire series! 

Assortment of Kumon Workbooks

I had already been planning to post about how much we adore these books, but when something goes on sale it’s best to pounce on it right away. These will probably disappear pretty quickly as it is. We bought our original ones from Amazon ($8 each) because they have a buy 3 get one free deal, but the ones at Costco are in packs of 3 for $15 and you don’t have to worry about shipping. I had just added them all to my Amazon wishlist, but I swear Costco read my mind!

Kumon Educational Workbooks

I know there are quite a few homeschooling moms who use Kumon as part of their curriculum, but even if you have no intention of homeschooling, these are a great way to get your kids ready for kindergarten. There are different books dedicated to; tracing lines, simple cutting, upper and lower case alphabets, simple folding, learning how to paste, and plenty more for older children who are working on things like rhyming words or coin counting. If you have a preschool or elementary aged child, or maybe grandchild, I highly suggest checking out these workbooks. They’re pretty awesome!

Kumon cutting and pasting pages
I was in no way compensated for telling you about these books, I just really like them!

In other news, Marissa of Rae-gun Ramelings has started an online Book Club that I am participating in. If you have an interest in Young Adult fiction, I suggest stopping over to check out everything she’s got going on, including the discussion board on Good Reads. We’ve already had some pretty interesting chats about everything from Harry Potter to plagiarism, and the ladies there have all been great!

Beautiful Creatures

Our first book is Beautiful Creatures by  Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl which is also coming out as a movie on Feb. 14th. The Salt Lake City set will be having a meet-up to watch the movie, and then most of us will probably be discussing that as well. And, if you are already a member of Good Reads, please feel free to friend me. I love to see what other people are reading!

I think that’s all for now. Anyone reading anything good?

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