Resolutions 2013

For 2012 I went all out with a super long list of goals and then spent
the whole year accomplishing next to none of them. 
What was the point?

 I know I’m not the only one who didn’t live up to their own expectations, people fail at resolutions every year, but this time I decided to scale it back a little to actually give myself a fighting chance.

Recently, I’m totally embarrassed by this, I threw a bit of a tantrum while reading another blog. This blogger is more of what I’d call an artist than a crafter, and everything she makes is adorable, quirky, inspiring and just feels NEW. Do you know how difficult coming up with something new actually is? Not a knock off, not an “inspired by”, but really and truly “I’ve never seen that before!”

I honestly threw my hands in the air and yelled in frustration,
 “It’s just not fair! Some people are so stinkin’ creative it makes me sick! 
Why can’t I ever think of anything???”

please, Please, PLEASE, someone tell me I’m not the only person who has gotten jealous of an amazing blog and overreacted this way. . . You should know, I”ve always been insanely jealous of people who have the ability to draw well!

Anyway Ant, who I didn’t know was even listening, said something profound and supportive about knowing this woman who was super creative if she’d only give herself a chance. He’d seen her make some really amazing things over the years. Blah-dy, blah, blah… Of course neither of us can remember the exact wording right now, but it was a good moment for him. He can barely remember saying anything at all, but still I’ll take what I can get. (That sort of thing doesn’t happen too often around here.) So this year I chose just two ideas to focus on…

#1. Quit worrying about what everyone else is doing, what is “popular” right now and what I feel is expected of me from a blogging stand point. Work instead on making my own designs, and focusing on sharing my personal style even if it might not be conventional. I’ve never been an “in” type of girl. Why start now?


Hopefully if I’ve been able to follow through with those two resolutions,

most of my other goals about not stressing, going out, putting myself together, and 

getting more sewing done, will fall into place. *fingers crossed*

It would be nice to…

try my hand at some “boy” sewing,
put together a few more sewing technique videos,
and make at least one new pattern to share per month. 
But I’m also shooting for a more “fly by the seat of your pants” creative vibe,
so we’ll just have to see where my mood takes us.

Now tell me honestly, do you get jealous of the bloggers you follow? 

I can’t be the only one who feels the pressure. Right

Did anyone say anything sweet that helped you feel better about it? 

I know we tend to put more pressure on ourselves than anyone else ever could!

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P.S. Yes, I know the pictures have absolutely nothing to do with this post, and that the Ryan Gosling thing is “so 2 months ago!”, but 1. I needed some pictures and 2. these still make me smile every stinkin’ time. 

Just nod, smile, and go visit my Hey Girl pin board! ;D

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5 thoughts on “Resolutions 2013

  1. I agree! I've come to realise that life is too short comparing myself and I'm awesome in my own little ways. (You should see me put away a kilo of chocolate….ON MY OWN!!)

    Besides…maybe what you don't realise is that there are people out there (here in fact) that look at the things YOU do and are jealous of you. So ner!

  2. You do great…don't fret over it. However, I must say that I'm a disappointed in the language used in the second picture. Not really necessary to get the point across!

  3. I 100% get this. 110%, actually. I kind of go back and forth between thinking, "My blog needs to be special and different and new and inspiring and full of never-before-seen creative ideas!" and thinking, "I started this whole stupid thing because I enjoyed making stuff and just wanted to share it, so why push myself and worry and fret about whether or not it's creative/inspiring/new/different/etc . . . as long as I'm enjoying what I'm making, that's all that matters." On my smart days, I lean towards the latter, but I totally get what you're saying–if you're not trendy or on top of whatever is the latest thing or not doing completely unique ideas, why bother, no one will notice or care. As much as everybody loves Pinterest, I've found that it actually has really diminished my crafting enjoyment, because my ideas that I previously thought were so different and so new and special have ALWAYS been done before by someone else, and there's no avoiding that now. And I know I shouldn't care–of course people have similar ideas and there's nothing wrong with that–but it does kind of make me feel like, "oh, I guess I won't make that now since someone else did it already." And I know that's dumb, but that's the thought cycle anyway! I'm consciously trying lately to just make/blog things because I WANT to and because I LIKE them, and not because I'm hoping they'll be exciting or different or a pinterest sensation. Anyhoo, sorry about hijacking your comment section and writing a novel 🙂 I love what you make, and I always love visiting and admiring it!

  4. Ja ja Rachel tiene razón .Yo no tengo un blog pero dilato mi deseo porque sigo unos blog increíbles como el suyo.Yo se que comparar es un problema . Quizás disfrutar de lo que logramos hacer y seguir nuestro camino es mi resolución de este año.Cariños.

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