Snapshot Sunday – Christmas Morning

After posting all those Christmas cookie recipes this past week, I realized that I never even shared any of our pictures from over the holidays. (It really is space cadet central around this place!) So here are some of the shots I got of Corbin’s first Christmas. He was definitely more interested in the paper and bows, than any of the toys, but we all know how kids would much rather play with the “junk”!

Gosh he’s turning out to be such a little ham!
And here is the Christmas card that I would have sent if I had all my crap together like that…

Can’t believe I got another picture with both of them smiling…even if Corbin does have a bow in his mouth.

I thought that one form Halloween was sure to be a fluke! Oh well, Merry (super late) Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Christmas Morning

  1. OMG!! They are so stinkin Adoreable!! What did Remi get in the "Pony" box that she is so intently lookin at? That last pic of Corbin had me LOL'ing!!!! He IS a ham!!! I am sure the Fam & Friends would have LOVED that Christmas pic in a card but you were probably far to busy creating Memories to get your cards out. Am I right? Psssst, that was MY story this year & I DON'T have 2 little ones in the house!!!!
    Thanks for the pix!!

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