Snapshot Sunday – Where’s the snow?

I know there has been a lot of talk about a cold snap lately, but where is all the snow?
These pictures were taken on one of the two days that we had a light dusting, and on this particular day it actually turned to sleet and freezing rain. Yuck. Thank goodness Daddy was home that day, because I surely wasn’t going out to “play” in that mess! Reli has been so excited ever time she sees a few flakes. Now I just wish we would finally get a few inches so she can make the snow angels she’s been talking about for months!

Yep, that’s our sad little foot tall snowman.
What’s it like in your area? Got any snow to send our way?

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2 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Where’s the snow?

  1. Oh my, is she a beauty of what? Lordy, I so wish we had snow!! We had a GREAT windy rain last nite but NO snow. I do love a GOOD rainstorm. If I DID have snow I would surely send some your way for your Adoreable Angel to make Snow Relis!!!

  2. Sorry, we've had a couple of weeks of it in the UK which was most unexpected, you can have it back now though, it's all washed away nicely! (We don't handle snow very well here lol)

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