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Read your sewing machine’s manual.

Always check your machine's manual first to answer basic sewing questions.


I know that may sound like the most “duh” bit of common sense that you’ve ever heard, but lets be honest…

How many of you really looked at your manual for longer than it took to figure out how to turn your machine on?


Sewing Machine Manual Diagrams

I know I sure didn’t, and since I had been sewing for years before I received my first sewing machine, I disregarded the manual completely. Now after owning my machine for over eight years, and moving it to probably eight different houses, I have absolutely no idea where my booklet even is!


Luckily if you have already lost your manual like me, many are available over the internet in PDF form. Just find your machine’s model number and google something like – Singer 2662 manual. If you can’t find it that way, chances are you can buy a new one directly from the company for around $10.


Needled, Thread, and Fabric Chart
This chart explains which needle & thread work best for which fabrics.
I should probably frame it  I check it so often!

So often I get questions from new sewers saying “How do I get my sewing machine to do X,Y, or Z”, but most of them have never bothered to look for an answer in the instruction book in their own home. I would love to help everyone, and I can usually give an idea of what can be done to help, but there are dozens of brands and hundreds of different machine models. The chance that I’ll know the exact requirements of a machine I’ve never even seen is pretty darn slim. Ok, lets face it. It’s down right impossible! I’m not a sewing machine repair person, and they even usually specialize in only 1 or 2 brands themselves.


Besides, what’s the harm in skimming? You might just get lucky and find something like this in your manual…


Yep, that’s a list of things that you can try when your machine is making you want to pull your hair out.

Wait,You didn’t know you might have one of those? Super helpful isn’t it!

Now tell me honestly…Do you know where your manual is, and do you ever use it?


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