No, I’m not actually a fan of David Bowie, but yes, I AM a big dork.

I just can’t help myself. And you know you probably started singing the song in your head any way!

Now what was I talking about?

Oh yes….Have any of you noticed any changes around here?

Most of you are probably thinking “Hey yea, It looks different!”……”But umm, I have no idea what it looked like before…”

 Don’t feel bad. I already have trouble remembering, and I’m the one who designed the stinkin’ thing!

Here’s a little reminder:

Old version of the Sugar Tart Crafts header
And the new one:
New version of the Sugar Tart Crafts Header

And there’s more!

It’s only taken me two and a half years, but I’m finally legit!

Screen shot showing the new Sugar Tart Crafts domain name

Yup, see all those tabs I’ve got opened? That’s how far I am behind in my usual blog reading! 

Ant hates when I do that. He always says I’m just one tab away from killing the computer…

It’s taken me days to get just those few things straightened out, and there are still tons of little things that I still need to tweak. My sidebar is a wreck, and half the fonts are wrong, but at least I started. Right? I figure it’s okay to take baby steps since I’m doing everything on my own. So please be patient with me if bits disappear, or look a little wonky here and there over the next few weeks. Baby steps.

I should seriously consider making friends with a web designer though! 

And in case you’re wondering “Oh, that’s cool! How’d she do that?” Don’t worry. 

I’m gonna share a few of the cooler thing’s I’ve learned with you soon. Cuz I’m nice like that!

Now tell me the truth. Which header do you like better? 

I still love the old one, but just felt it was time for a change. Like spring cleaning…

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5 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes….

  1. I like it, it's cleaner, newer, fresh 🙂

    Rather than lots of tabs, you should think about getting the google reader next button. It's under goodies on the google reader site (I think, you may have to google it – btw how many times can I say google in one comment?) Anyway, it just opens one in your tab, you read it, comment if you like, then click next on your toolbar. Job done, easy to read and great for when you have a few minutes.

  2. The redo looks amazing, very fresh and bright..perfect for spring, right? I love all the open tabs..that is me at all times, lol!! Thanks for visiting my blog today 🙂 🙂 Hope all is well!

  3. WOW!! Nice job & LOVE the new, cleaner look! I almost said, "It looks brighter in here! Didja open a curtain or sumpthin"? And your OWN url? Com'on, ur in the BIG leagues now!!!! Runnin w/ the BIG dawgs!
    Garsh, thanx fer still havin us Lil Folk comin in ta visit witcha!! LOL

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