February Crushes

A pile of pictures showing things I enjoyed during the month of February with the title "What I loved about February."

Graceling, Bitterblue, and Fire book covers by Kristen Cashore
It’s been some time since I read the first two books in this series, but I still remember that they were wonderful enough for me to add them to my favorites shelf. Something very rare for me. Now having finally finished the third book, I love the set even more! I can’t wait to find time to re-read them all together so I can enjoy all the little details that I missed the first time around. Fair warning: I wouldn’t exactly call the story in Bitterblue graphic since it is a young adult book after all, but it is certainly intense. This probably isn’t a book I would recommend for anyone who leans toward the squeamish side.
TV & Movies: Hatfields and McCoys
Title picture of Devil Anse Hatfield and Randolph McCoy from the history channel miniseries
Could there possibly be a better way to celebrate the month of love and romance than a tv miniseries
about one of the most famous family feuds in American history? I didn’t think so…
I’ve always had a thing for westerns, and a bit of a soft spot for Kevin Costner. 
No matter how many people tell me it’s terrible, his version of Robin Hood is still my favorite movie ever!
I mean come on Robin Hood is my favorite story, and it has Morgan Freeman in it for crying out loud!
Family portraits of the Hatfields and the McCoys from the history channel miniseries
So how could I not watch a Kevin Costner western? (if you’d call West Virginia… WEST)
I was literally yelling at the screen through the whole thing “do this…do that…Oh, I can’t believe you did that!”
Isn’t that how you know a show is good? When it makes you want to actually interact with the characters.

We ordered both disks from Netflix, but they are showing all three parts again on the History channel starting
at 1:00pm eastern on March 2nd if you’d like to tune in or DVR it. You won’t be sorry!
Illustrator drawing of a mom and her kids reading a book
OH MY GOSH! Anthony shared this site with me one day, and I could not. stop. laughing! 
The woman Amber who writes and illustrates this blog is beyond hilarious, and all she’s doing is saying things that most of us moms are already thinking. My favorite post so far has been about how the family gets sick, because that is exactly how Ant acts! But I also love the one about car seats, shopping at Target, pet annoyance, not sleeping, going to the doctor, and things our kids will never do!
Seriously, If you haven’t peed your pants laughing by the time you’re done visiting this site, then we should probably not be friends anymore. I only say that because I’m confident you’ll be laughing out loud so hard people will be looking at you like you’re nuts!
Land o' Lakes French Vanilla flavored hot cocoa
I don’t drink coffee, tea, or any of those frappa-latte-chino type things, but I do love a good cup of hot chocolate when it’s cold outside. This is the stuff I keep in my own personal stash while Aurelia is busy chuggin’ down the Swiss Miss. No marshmallows needed.
Fisher Price Laugh n' Learn Piggy Bank
Wow. You guys are gonna start to think I have some kinda agreement with fisher price soon if I don’t quick hawking their toys,
but this pig is the ridiculously adorable. I know I said that about the seahorse, and the stacking cups, but watching Corbin
put the coins in this guy and then dance along to the songs is just too cute for words!
Adults: Mini Van
Picture of a blue grey Dodge Grand Caravan
I know I said last week that I wasn’t too sure about this whole van situation, but the more I drive it around the more I enjoy it.
Those self-sliding doors are pretty darn awesome, and I can actually fit a stroller and a Costco run in there without
holding something on my lap! I still love my Focus, but this one is quickly winning me over.
Just for fun: Bubble Glasses
 tumblers with little air bubbles trapped in the glass
Michael’s new Ashland decor collection, French Market, has the cutest glasses that have these tiny air pockets in them.
It almost looks like little champagne bubbles caught in the glass. I already got a few in blue, and green, but I’m seriously
 considering going back for some of the red ones. They’re always 50% off anyway, so why not?
What were some of the thing you were crushing on during February?
Did you happen to try any of the stuff I mentioned back in January?

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2 thoughts on “February Crushes

  1. Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed Bitterblue! I've been wanting to read that ever since it came out. I just haven't had the chance. I plan to reread Graceling this month, so I can read Bitterblue. 😀

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