I swore I’d never…

Twice this week I’ve found myself doing things I swore I’d absolutely never do.

#1- We bought a van. A Grand Caravan to be precise.

Can you hear the resignation in my voice?

Cranky baby in a carseat

I never mentioned that I’ve been without a car for the past month and a half did I? 

Well, the original white Focus finally died after eight years of loyal service, so Ant went ahead and requisitioned the newer silver Focus. Totally unfair!  I mean can you say cabin fever? Cuz I sure can! Locked up with both these kids for more than a month, I’ve been running off by myself each weekend to do the shopping and errands in peace. Getting lost a few times accidently on purpose!

Now I have nothing against the “Mini-van Mom” Oh god, I’m one of those now!, but I honestly never thought that would be me. It’s just not my style. I grew up on a farm with pick-up trucks, and spent my teenage years crammed into the tiny extended cab of a Toyota…with my little brother. Who needs leg room?! 

It turns out that I do evidently, because I’m kinda liking all the extra storage space. It’s only been a week, so I’m not ready to give my final verdict just yet, but taking the kids to the library for two full hours yesterday was pure bliss. Now it could just be the fresh air talking, but at this point I would probably squash us into one of these…

pink power wheels jeep

if we could just get out of the darn house! 

#2 – I finally succumbed to the peer pressure and made a twitter account.

Laughing Baby
HA HA HA HA! I mock your technical inability!” 

I don’t have the foggiest idea how to use the thing, but it’s there. You can follow me if you’d like, but I’m tellin’ ya right now that I am completely clueless when it comes to social media and may not figure this sucker out for months. Kinda like that facebook account I made back in July, but still haven’t posted to! Fair warning…

What about you guys? Have you done anything lately that you never thought you would, and was it worth it?

I know we all probably had a list of “I’ll never do that when I’m a Mom!” things that we’ve given in to!

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5 thoughts on “I swore I’d never…

  1. Oh I bet you're loving having a new car, and I feel so sorry for you that you had been cooped up for so long! I bet the space in a van is great. We recently upgraded from a camry to a 4runner, and I LOVE it. I never thought I'd drive another SUV but it kinda fell into our laps, and I can actually fit the stroller AND a costco run + boxes of diapers in the back and it's fantastic! I hope you end up liking your van.

    1. You are so right about the extra space! In the Focus it was miserable if we forgot the stroller was in the trunk & then went to get groceries. "Here Reli, Hold this bag on your lap til we get home…"

  2. LOL!! Too funny! Now you & Ant can do one of those spoof videos w/ the kids, making fun of some rap video using Mom & Dad terms!! I bet after being closed in for month, you would've been happy riding a bike to shop! The kiddos seem to like it in the van! Well, at least Reli looks happy!! So love the three pics of Corbin. He makes the cutest faces!!! Enjoy your new found freedom & driving around in your small apartment!!! You'll LOVE grocery shopping NOW!!!

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