Monthly Menu Planning

Planning dinners for a month
If your anything like me, you dread the inevitable “What’s for dinner?” that you hear
 almost every afternoon. At our house it normally goes something like this..
Me: What do you want for dinner?
Ant: It doesn’t matter.
Me: Narrow it down a little?
Ant: Something with chicken maybe.

White board menu and grocery list

So I started making menus each weekend to get us through the the next week. 
Those conversations went something like this…
Me: What do you want for dinner next week?
Ant: It doesn’t matter.
Me: Narrow it down a little?
Ant: Something with chicken maybe.
Week…after week…after week. Very pleasant.
*insert exaggerated eye roll*
I eventually got so fed up of having this debate that I sat Ant down one day to make a menu that spanned three whole months. Yes, three. Feel free to think I’m a little crazy. I always thought those women with their meal planning binders, who schedule out what their family is going to eat for the next year, were a little on the mad or possibly obsessive side. But now I know they are all actually on to something, and have just been
laughing at me this whole time!

Menu plan using google calendar

I laid out all my recipe cards, magazine clippings, recipe sites, and food pins and just started plugging them into my Google calendar. I already store my blog plan, Corbin’s milestones, and all our appointments there so it was super easy! Then as I used a recipe, I would place the cards in order into my recipe box. 
Now each week, I just pull out the front seven cards, fill the meals into the spaces on the white board, and write any ingredients we may be missing into the groceries column. So ridiculously simple! There are some nights when you just don’t feel like having what is scheduled, but things are easy to swap around. And I even plan in a few free spaces for those times when there are leftovers, or my personal favorite the “Honey, I’m to exhausted to cook. Just bring home Chick-fil-a.” nights that we all have now and again. 
This system has worked out so well that we have continued making plans two months at a time,
and rarely ever have the “What do you want for dinner?” conversation any more. 
Though I admit some people work harder to get the plan made than others…

I think Ant has decided on taking a more “You do the work and I’ll give it my approval.” approach,
but it’s still better for us than trying to figure dinner out once a week or every night.
How do you plan out your meals?
by the day? week? month? or something else?

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P.S. Hope you enjoyed all my messy house pics. This is real life! 😀

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