10 month old baby boy with a giant teddy bear
Wow! I’ve gotten a bit behind on these monthly updates. Corbin just turned 11 months a few days ago,
and I should really be planning his 1st birthday party by now. One whole year. I just don’t believe it!
close-up of a 10 month old baby boy sitting with a giant teddy bear
We’ve mostly just been focusing on the diet that the Dr. put Bubba on when we went for his 9 month check-up.
No more baby food for this little man! He’s having a field day with chicken nuggets, noodles,  and especially cheese. 
But honestly, who doesn’t love cheese? 

screaming baby
 Not much else happened during month 10 that I can remember except for doubling his number of teeth.
He started January with four, and after quite a bit of crankiness and tylenol, ended with eight.
Baby drinking a bottle

He definitely wasn’t miserable enough to turn down any food though. Big surprise there!

A collage of baby pictures taken over 10 months
What a change from the scrawny little chicken man we brought home from the hospital.

You hear it all the time, but it really does go by way too fast!

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