Tip of the Week – Masking tape stitch guides

Hello there! Just a few things before we get to this week’s tip…
1. I’ve added a new pinterest button that will pop up in the top corner when you hover over a picture. Yay.
2. There is a new “Sewing Tips” tab up top there so all the Tip of the Week posts are in one place and easy to find. Double yay.
3. You can also follow the Tip of the Week pin board if you aren’t a blog follower but what to keep up on the tips. Triple yay.
4. The response to last week’s tip was so overwhelming, that I may never again come up with anything so awesome. Boo.
I know this week’s tip isn’t going to cut it, but I’ll definitely keep trying to inspire you guys. or I’ll ask Gramma for help!
Tip of the Week Series
Use masking tape to mark a stitch guide wider than
those already shown on your sewing machine’s throat plate
Masking take stitch guides for sewing
Some of you are probably making an odd face and thinking “What the heck is a throat plate?”
Don’t worry, it’s just the name for that metal part under the presser foot. You know, where the feed dogs are.
The thing with 5/8, 7/8, etc. engraved on it so you can sew a straight line. Or at least pretend to.
Yeah, that thing! It’s called a throat plate.
But what do you do when you need to sew something wider that the measly inch or so that they give you?
A ruler measuring the distance from the needle to a piece of masking tape on a sewing machine.

Use a ruler to measure out from the needle and mark a temporary guideline with a piece of masking tape.
This is important. Make sure you are measuring from the needle and not the edge of the presser foot!

A masking tape line on a sewing machine to help guide the fabric in a straight line
When you are ready to sew just line up the edge of your fabric with the tape and cruise along.

Then you can simply peel the tape off when your’re done. Easy Peasy.
Does anyone have any fun plans for this weekend?We’re in for another round of rain and snow here. Spring? What Spring?Hope the weather is much nicer in your neck of the woods.Happy Friday!

10 thoughts on “Tip of the Week – Masking tape stitch guides

  1. Hi Toni 🙂
    It's a great tip, tx for sharing!
    I sometimes use an elastic, doing the same thing…
    I'm here from Overflowing with Creativity, following you on GFC.


    1. I've tried using a rubber band, but it just kept moving on me. Maybe the one I used wasn't wide enough, but I wonder if a hair tie would work. Time for more experiments!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I wish I had seen this about a month ago when I was struggling to cuff and hem my Grandsons little jeans. 🙂

  3. Ugh, trying to work around the leg holes of tiny pants is the worst! But if your grandson is anything like my little man, that wont be the last pair of pants you'll hem. Now you'll know for next time.

  4. Well this is a much better idea than the ugly black permanent marker that's on my pristine white machine…=[ thank goodness that stuff isn't too hard to remove from a smooth surface lol.

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