Tip of the Week – Safely cutting buttonholes

Sewing tip of the week
Place a pin at the end of your buttonhole to help prevent
accidently cutting through the stitches.
Collage showing how to use a pin to keep from cutting through then end of a buttonhole.
The professors taught us this trick back in college, but of course I never listened…
Until the day I accidently cut through three buttonholes in a row!
It only takes one extra second, but can prevent hours of tears and frustration. Now I know.
Is there anything you know you should be doing, but usually don’t? And I’m not talking housework!
If you’re new to sewing buttonholes, you can check out my video tutorial for some extra help,
and don’t forget to to visit the Sewing Tips page to catch up on any tricks you may have missed.
Have a great weekend!


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