Corbin’s 1st Birthday

Thanks so much to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes for Corbin’s first birthday. Of course nothing went as planned (does it ever?), and bubba woke up that same night with a major cold. He was so stuffed up that he couldn’t sleep, and I evidently drew the short straw which meant a run to the store at midnight to get him some of that goofy honey cough syrup they make for babies. Boo.
The intended 3 day visit with the family was immediately cancelled, because there is no way I’m going to try to fight with a sick kid who wont sleep, in someone else’s house. No thank you. I don’t get enough sleep as it is. But since I still had to go up to Maryland anyway for a dentist appointment, (Yes, my dentist is 2 hrs away from my house. Don’t laugh. I dislike dentists so I’m sticking with one I know and trust.) we decided to just go for the day and share a few cupcakes before turning around and coming back home.
one year old with a cupcake
Confusion…Do what now?
one year old boy with a cupcake
Dejection…Mommy took away the fire :/

one year old boy eating a cupcake
Recovery…Oh, it’s FOOD!
Baby boy covered with icing from his first cupcake

Happy baby boy covered with icing from his first cupcake

Baby boy covered with icing from his first cupcake

Baby boy covered with icing from his first cupcake

Baby boy opening his first birthday presents
Cupcakes got a giant thumbs up, but presents are a much more serious business with this one…
Isn’t that the cutest shirt ever? It’s absolutely perfect for this little chunk-a-munk!
Baby boy opening his first birthday presents
He had to tear off the tiniest piece of paper you’ve ever seen, and then hand it to the closest adult. Seriously, it took for-ev-er to open the measly four or five presents we got him. Is that a normal thing that the second kid doesn’t get as many gifts as the first? We already have so many baby toys from when Reli was little that we just didn’t need anything new. I was wrapping up pj’s and socks trying to make it look like he was actually getting something. I felt bad for him, but it’s not like he knows the difference yet right?
Oh well, we tend to be very low key for first birthadays, and then slowly begin to step it up for the second and third. So maybe we’ll do better next year. I’m just happy we were able to get a few good pictures in before the black-eye incident.

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6 thoughts on “Corbin’s 1st Birthday

  1. Ah he doesn't know the difference, all he knows is that you love him and care for him all through the year, not just on his birthday.

    My sister in law has a 2 yr old, he's her fourth, but the other three are 11, 10 and 8 so she had completely gotten rid of all their baby things so she had some hand me down toys and books and wrapped those up for him. He didn't know the difference, he had fun unwrapping and playing with the toys he'd have gotten anyway. Now I sound really cheapo…Oh well, no use wasting money, it doesn't grow on trees 🙂

    1. Well, that makes sense. By the fourth kid I'd be wrapping up old toys, and then just putting a few extra dollars in his piggy bank. It's not cheapo. It's just common sense. Moms don't really need another toy to pick up at the end of day!

  2. His face while he's attacking that cupcake = PERFECTION. So excited and so happy! He is too cute. And nah, even Forrest didn't get many presents on his 1st birthday. Feels silly to make a huge fuss when a) he won't remember, and b) he won't care. I can't even remember what/how many gifts he got, so it can't have been too impressive. So I say simple is best for early birthdays 🙂 Happy b-day to the little man! (And a big thanks again for your call this morning–such a perfect pick-me-up!)

    1. Good to see I'm not the only one who doesn't feel the need to make a big deal out of first birthdays. The kids are still at that point where they'd rather play with the box, or a wad of paper. Who cares about the toys?

  3. Oh Gosh Toni! He looks like a Little Man inside a baby's body!! The 3rd pic of him putting the cake in, he looks SO grown up from the tip of his nose to the top of his hair covered head!!! But those chins give his age away! I LOVE those chubby chins!! I could so get lost in little chubby necks!!!
    He looks SOOO happy!!! Cupcakes w/ fire do that to me too!

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