March Crushes

What I loved about March collage

March may have ended with our house being over run by sniffy, snotty, germ-y fun,

but here are a few of the brighter spots from earlier in the month.

Books: Game of Thrones

A song of Fire and Ice book #2 A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin

There were so many projects going on this month that I had little time leftover for reading. However, I did manage to finish Game of Thrones and start A Clash of Kings just in time for the second season of GoT to arrive in the mail from Netflix. The first book ended up being almost word for word from the first season that we watched last year, but the second book and season are starting out differently. I’ve enjoyed both the books and the show equally so far, but who knows which will prove to be more appealing in the end. 
I seriously love the cast of the show! 
You can check out some of my other favorite books on Goodreads.

TV & Movies: Vikings

Picture of Ragnar's family in the history channel show Vikings

What can I say? I just can’t get enough of scruffy men with bad attitudes. 
Between Vikings and Hatfields & McCoy’s last month, the History Channel is really stepping it up! 

Website: Wowbrary Logo

I’m a big reader, and when one of our librarians told me about this site a few weeks ago I was instantly smitten. You type in your zipcode and select your local library. Then you can choose to receive weekly e-mails or follow an RSS feed about what new books have been ordered by your library. Anything that sparks your interest can be put on hold right away, and you’ll be the first to receive the brand new copy when it arrives. So awesome! 

Food: Easter Candy

A pile of Easter candy

I’m not gonna lie. My children will not be eating even a tenth of this candy. The jellybeans and cadbury’s are for Ant,

and we’ll both fight over the peanut butter eggs, but those smarties, sweet tarts, and crunch eggs are pretty much off limits…

even if it takes me til Halloween to finish them!

Kids: Baby Gates

Baby standing at a baby gate

By the time we moved to this apartment Reli was pretty much trained in the “you can and can’t touch” department. But now that Corbin has started getting into everything we’ve had to devise some major fortifications involving this gate, this gate, and this fence. You can’t cross the house without climbing over at least two to them, but I don’t find little fingers destroying my projects anymore…usually.

Adults: Photo Lamps

table top lighting for photos

I’ve mentioned before that our apartment is practically a cave. Our kitchen and dining room are windowless, with an adjoining living room that has a single tall thin window and a door onto the patio…underneath the upstairs balcony…facing North. Trying to take decent looking pictures inside was next to impossible until Ant got me these table top daylight lamps. They are compact enough to be left out on my desk and have improved my indoor shots about a 1000%. I guess now you know my secret.

Just for Fun: Cute Trims

Cards full of ribbon and lace trims

I just couldn’t resist the measuring tape trim and speckled ric rac that I found in the Michael’s dollar bins!

Now, do you think I’ll ever actually use them, or will they just sit around and look pretty?

What did you love about March?

I know a few of you who are hoarding the chocolate too!

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    1. Hi Debbie! Thanks so much for visiting, and by all means please go ahead and share as much as you like! Yes, the little birdcage boards came with the trim. I've never come across them anywhere else, but they probably wouldn't be very hard to make.

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