Snapshot Sunday – The Bruiser

After a crazy week and a half, we finally had plans to take Corbin’s 1 year pictures to finish off this set.
But I’m pretty sure that’s gonna have to be pushed back another week or two…
Baby boy with a black eye.
Baby boy with a black eye
baby boy with a black eye

I’m pretending that Reli grasps the concept that “If you push your little brother, he will inevitably crack his head on the

hardest object in the room and you will be in a world of trouble!” Yeah, I know I’m delusional, but a Mom can hope.

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5 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – The Bruiser

    1. You should see it now! It seems to get darker and darker every day so now he is starting to look like he's gotten into my black eye shadow!

  1. Ayy a que madre no le paso esto?
    Desde luego usted puede esperar tranquila .
    Mis hijas aprendieron ,como todos los niños.Los suyos también aprenderán.

  2. Yes, it does look like Reli had gotten into your eye shadow & made Corbin the "model"!! What DID he hit? AND, I'll be willing to bet he isn't fazed one stinkin bit!!!

    1. I wasn't in the room when it happened, but from what I can gather he cracked himself on Reli's toddler bed. I'm not sure if he hit it "just right" or the bed is just really hard since it's made of walnut, but you're right. After the initial scream he really couldn't care less. He's much too busy directing his crankiness towards a few new molars.

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