Tip of the Week – Fabric Bolt Reminders

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Take a photo of bolt ends to help you
remember important information.
An iphone taking a picture of the end of a bolt of fabric
*That is definitely Anthony’s smartphone. I’m not special enough to have my own yet.*
 Have you ever run out of fabric while working on a project and had no idea what it was called or where you bought it?
Do you actually remember what the fiber content is for even half the fabric in your stash? What about care instructions?
Do you recall which ones are only supposed to be washed in cold? Or heaven forbid, Dry-clean only.
Captioned photo explaining how to read the end of a bolt of fabric.
Taking a quick photo of the bolt ends while you’re waiting in line at the cut table is a simple
way to remember all the important information that you would normally forget.

Even though I can’t use them, I have done a search for apps that keep track of your whole stash right on your phone

(tablet, smart-thing, whatever), and found Fabric Stash, Sewing Kit and Stashanize. I can’t support one in particular

because I haven’t tried them, but the reviews I’ve found haven’t been very favorable. (Sewing kit rates the best)

I’d love to hear what you think if you’ve tried one of them or another you prefer.


And if you happen to know anyone who could design such an app. let em’ know we fabric hoarders would sure

appreciate a version that functions properly. I’d  personally love to be able to scroll through my entire fabric stash

at a glance instead of digging through boxes, bins, and closets!


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Happy Friday!

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2 thoughts on “Tip of the Week – Fabric Bolt Reminders

  1. What a GREAT idea!! You could just keep a "folder" on your phone to hold all your bolt end pix, couldn't you? It has been 2 yrs since I had a functional smart phone. Now it is just an expensive calculator & alarm!! Again, great idea Toni! Keep 'em comin!! kweenbee_612@yahoo.com

  2. Thanks Chelle! I'll have to take your word for it on the folder part. I've never had one so I was making Ant show me how to take pictures with his. I did ask for a Kindle for my birthday though, so maybe I'll be one of the "smart" people soon ;D

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