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Make mini fabric bolts using comic book boards.

Fabric folded on comic book boards
These comic book boards are the perfect way to organize your fabric into mini bolts. I just fold my yardage in quarters long ways (hot dog style) and then wrap it around the board. Everything looks so pretty and uniform tucked into a bookcase, and I can finally find what I’m looking for without digging through a dozen totes. Then of course it all has to be arranged by color…
Row of folded blue fabric


Row of folded pink fabric
Row of folded green fabric
Collage of fabric folded on comic book boards
You may have seen this trick before since all the “cool kids” are doing it like 1. Ashley of Mommy by day crafter by night 2. Jess of CINO not just once, but twice and 3. Maggie of Smashed Peas and Carrots. I always get a bit of stash envy checking out their gorgeous fabrics.
Bookcase full of fabric folded on comic book boards

For some reason, it’s just more exciting to drool over other people’s stashes. Not sure if it’s the designer fabrics, or just the thought of the unknown, but here’s mine if you’re nosy like I am about craft rooms. This isn’t my stash in it’s entirety, but it’s all the “good stuff”. There just isn’t enough room for everything in the last two boxes until I get another bookcase. (You know, one that’ll never fit in our apartment.)


2 boxes of fabric


So how do you store your fabric? Have you already gone the comic book route or have you found a better way?

And is it just me, or does having your stash organized so nicely just make you want to go buy more fabric?


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14 thoughts on “Tip of the Week: Fabric storage – Mini Bolts

  1. I also use the comic boards for my fabric stash. I also have taken it a step farther for my scraps. I cut a comic board in half, so it makes two mini-mini bolts. Then I wrap my scraps on those. I have 1 shelf of the regular mini bolts, and 6 small bins of scraps on bolts. It makes it so easy for me to find everything! I really like some of the fabric you have!

    1. That's a great point! I've heard people say that cutting the boards in half make them the perfect size for fat quarters, but I haven't had enough space to work on those yet.

  2. As do I!! I would love even half of what you throw away!!! I'll take box #2 Bob!! My "stash" is embarrassing!! It pretty much fills 3/4 of ONE shelf!!! Ahhh, my time will come! I just use cereal boxes for bolts! Easy to cut into whatever size I need! Thanks for another GREAT tip Toni!!!
    Here's to a GREAT weekend

    1. Ha, and I would totally send you box number 2! (The shipping would probably be atrocious though) That's where I keep all the "I have no idea what o do with this" stuff. But having a small stash just makes you smarter than me. You buy the fabric that you actually need and don't blow your money on stuff that'll just sit around collecting dust. (It is pretty to look at though)

      And using cereal boxes is a great idea if you have a small stash! We just don't eat enough cereal at our house for that to work for me, but I do use our boxes to help make patterns. Yay for recycling!

    1. Thanks! For some reason I've accumulated an inordinate amount of solids, and I've been working to slowly add more fun prints into the mix.

  3. love this and yes i have seen this done around blog land but not with the comic book boards. my husband is an nut about amazon so i just added them to his prime account and told him he could call it "mother's day!" yay!! hoping to get my stash out where i can see it – yours looks great!

    1. Thanks Whitney! Having everything out there on display so neatly just gives me the biggest urge to make a mess. (in a good creative way of course!) Although I can't say it's curbed my fabric spending like my husband had hoped ;D

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