Customizable Bakery Style Frosting Recipe

Customizable Bakery Style Frosting Recipe

Ever since I first made this frosting six or so years ago, this has been my go-to icing recipe for practically every single cake I’ve made. (Octopus cupcakes, My little Pony Cake, Candy Shop Cake, Corbin’s first birthday, and dozens more!)

Family members make special requests for it, and friends have begged me to share the recipe so they can use it for their own parties and bake sales. It’s the kind of icing that you just want to eat directly out of the container with a spoon, and I’ve caught Anthony doing just that on more than one occasion.

(I would never do such a thing myself….;D)
Customizable Bakery Style Frosting Recipe

 It’s super fast and easy to whip up, and the best part is that you can change it to any flavor you want! Our personal family favorite is almond, and I rarely make other flavors any more, but you could.

Do you want to try lemon frosting on that blueberry cake? Done.
Peppermint frosting for those chocolate cupcakes at Christmas? Bam!
Orange? Amaretto? Creme de Menthe? Butter Pecan? Vanilla Bean? Rum?
Heck, you could probably even find bacon flavoring if you tried…eww.

If you’ve got the extract, you can make it into a smooth and creamy cake frosting!
Simply swap out the 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract for one of your choice.

 Customizable Bakery Style Frosting Recipe
A few helpful tips…
-This recipe makes about 3 cups which is enough to cover a pair of stacked 8 or 9″ rounds.
-It will dry with a nice thin “crust” without getting hard if left out, but will “sweat” if placed in the fridge.
-This is a very thick frosting so if you plan to use it for piping, thin it out with a little extra milk.
-If you are covering your cake with fondant, make the frosting on the thicker side so it will
be able to better support the weight of the fondant.
What flavor would you try first?


8 thoughts on “Customizable Bakery Style Frosting Recipe

  1. Looks yummy Toni!! Yes, I would LOVE Lemon on Strawberry cake or Strawberry on Lemon cake!! Oooohhhh, my mouth IS watering! 😉 Thank you for the recipe. BUT, can you sub butter for the shortening or would this change the whole dynamics?

  2. Hey Chelle, Strawberry would be delicious!
    I know everyone hates to use shortening anymore, but it's such a guilty pleasure for me. This is kinda like what my Gramma used to make when I was little. And it's cake, so It's already bad for me anyway! ;D

    You could substitute with butter, but then it would just be a basic butter-cream frosting and be more soft than the original. It wouldn't have the same kind of stability that it gets from the crisco. It's the kind of icing that they use on wedding cakes, or those cakes at the grocery store. (not the gross "this is too much sugar!" kind, but the good kind.)

    1. Thanks Virginia! I’ve been updating my linky party schedule since I took a year off, so I’ll definitely stop by.

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