Snapshot Sunday – Surprise Family Visits

We made a sneeky trip up to Pennsylvania this weekend  to finish up a top secret project I’ve been working on for many months now. All I can say is “Thanks goodness that’s over!”, but it was nice to visit the family and let the kids run around in a decent yard. The weather was wonderful, and they’re just so darn cute out there playing in the yard I grew up in. You’d think they had never seen grass or sticks before! 

Make sure you stop by this week to see my secret project!
Hopefully now that it’s finished, my posting schedule will return to normal…maybe.

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2 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Surprise Family Visits

  1. They are so cute!! Reli's turning into a beautiful young girl and losing her toddlerness and Corbin's so adorable I could eat him up! ( I can't really though, I'm eating shortbread)

  2. She's growing up alright, and Oh Boy does she have the attitude to go with it! Corbin on the other hand would probably eat you first…or at least your shortbread! lol

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