Sweet Sixteen Photobooth

Birthday Party Photo-booth Props
I know you’ve all seen the amazing cake I made for Morgan’s 16th Birthday Party,
but on top of that I was also given the task of making most of the decorations.
So of course what kind of party would be complete without a photo booth? 
I’m not usually one to follow too many trends, and these have practically become a requirement lately,
but since they always look like so much fun I gave in. Besides, I figured a room full of teenagers
would come up with some pretty interesting pictures, and boy did they prove me right…
Birthday Party Photo-booth lips and mustache props
The photo-bomber in most of these is Morgan’s younger sister Mylea. Ahh…younger siblings!
Birthday party photo-booth glasses and mustache props
Birthday Party Photo-booth Tiara Props
Birthday Party Photo-booth Props
Birthday Party Photo-booth Props

So fun! But the best part was how simple it was to put together.
It only took me a few hours to cut out some cute lips, mustaches, masks and bow ties from card-stock
 and glue them to little dowel rods. Then I popped the lenses out of a few pairs of dollar store glasses and
painted the frames with spray paint and glittery fingernail polish. Toss in a few plastic tiaras and a boa 
and we were ready to make fools of ourselves.
Mustache printables found here & here
How About Orange Bow printable 

Birthday Party Photo-booth

Then when the time came to set up for the party, all I did was tape some blue wrapping paper up to cover
the beige walls, stick a few simple tissue paper flowers here and there to spice it up, and toss a few disposable
cameras onto the table with the props. Your goofy family members are sure to do the rest on their own!

What is it about photo booths that makes us all want to act like idiots? 😀

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen Photobooth

  1. LOVE this Toni!!! My nieces are going to be here in June & this will be PERFECT for some great family shots as the oldest will be going off to college in the fall!!! How F.U.N.! I will SO send u some pix of OUR idiots!!!

    1. Thant sounds like so much fun Chelle! I just feel bad now that I didn't get any pictures of myself actin' a fool, but when you're the one with the camera…ya know. We'll probably try to get some pics as a family the next time we visit, cuz' I know Reli is desperate for that tiara! Can't wait to see your shots!

  2. Thanks Samantha! It was definitely a lot of work, but no rest for me though. I can't wait for you to see the awesome project I've been working on. You're gonna love it!

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