Snapshot Sunday – Corbin’s first trip to the beach

Here are a few pictures from our day trip to Sandy Point Beach last weekend. The water was freezing, and there were a few hiccups, (like one of our outfits blowing away!) but it was a much better time than Reli’s first beach visit. Trying the tip about baby powder getting rid of the sand made a HUGE difference for me! And we were definitely surprised that even though Corbin absolutely hated the pool last year, both kids loved the beach! I might just have to suck it up and take them a few more times this summer, they were so stinkin’ cute.

Hey look, a picture of me! Don’t see that too often. 😉

Any vacation plans in your future?

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4 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Corbin’s first trip to the beach

  1. You're so lovely!!! I feel bad that one of your outfits flew away, that would be devastating for me!

    Also, does Corbin like eating sand? Doesn't sound too yummy to me….

    1. Ha! Are we looking at the same picture? I was concentrating so hard on the pictures I was taking that I look down-right peeved! Maybe I still had some residual grumpiness from the skirt blowing away, but thankfully Ant eventually found it half buried by the tide 50 yards down the beach. I was definitely freaking out.

      Corbin probably ate half the beach while we were there! Not very appetizing to me either, but evidently it's a baby thing…they're weird like that!

  2. So cute! I love the picture of Corbin with the little shovel in his mouth . . . mmmm, delicious sand. Did you make Reli's little stripe dress? It's super cute. Was the blown-away outfit a permanent loss, or did you get it back? I sure hope it wasn't one of your amazing handmade outfits!

  3. Thanks Rachel! Corbin had a blast! Who knew sand was so impressive? I did actually make Reli's dress. Good call! That's part of all that stress you know I've been rambling on about lately, but of course the simplest thing is her favorite. Go figure.

    Yes, the thing that blew away was definitely a new skirt that I had just made, and I'm ashamed to admit to the tantrum that I threw when I found it was missing. (note to self: Don't leave Capt. Oblivious to guard the stuff…) ;D But luckily Ant found it wash up half way down the beach! Thank goodness!

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