Spoonflower – Nautical Fabric Round-up

24 great nautical inspired fabric prints avalible from spoonflower.com

Nosing around on Spoonflower yesterday, I kept finding dozens of beautiful ocean inspired prints. Those designers are an extremely talented bunch! So I decided to share a few of my favorites in case my Out to Sea collection has inspired you to do some nautical sewing of your own. Simply click on any of the fabrics to be taken to its designer’s page.

Primary Colors

sailing for the treasure - bluecast off!Anchor Wave
Nauticaport-hole polka-dotanchor gingham in redAnchoreddelft_octopusminis-bateaux-rougespaper_s_boat_Lsunny fishes

Pinks and Teals

Seaweed Pink - © Lucinda WeiSchool of Fish - © Lucinda Weisea creatures - red ditsymermaid - mintSea Gifts - Tropical SeasDouble scales in rose - skewedPlaying with Bubblesjellyfish
Seaweed Love (lt. aqua, salmon + white)Gold Fishjelly(fish) labyrinthOcean depth map coral - mini scale

Gorgeous aren’t they?
I’ve always wanted to try designing my own fabric, but there are just too many ideas to chooses from! 
What would you base your own fabric design on? Have you ever given Spoonflower a try? 

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*I’m not affiliated with Spoonflower or anything. I just LOVE fabric!*

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