The Flotsam and Jetsam Dress – Simplicity 2270

Sundress made with Simplicity pattern #2270


This dress wasn’t part of the original set of designs for Aurelia’s summer collection, but I just happened to stumble upon the pattern (already cut out) in a pile under my sewing table. Since the fabric was a cute teal color and had squiggly waves that reminded me of the jellyfish tunic, I figured “What the hey? Toss it in.”  It’s not like the girl’s gonna have too many summer clothes or anything!
Simplicity pattern #2270
I used Simplicity pattern 2270 from their Easy to Sew line, and good grief was it a hassle! Honestly, it’s not a difficult dress to put together, but I swear every time I use a store-bought pattern it takes me twice as long to figure out what they want me to do than it would for me to just draft my own dress from scratch! It could just be that my brain is problem solving how I would put it together and the pattern is saying something different, but I can read through those directions four or five times and still not know what’s going on.
Flotsam and Jetsam dress made using Simplicity pattern #2270
Sandy Toes
Simplicity pattern #2270 - Toddler Dress

Eventually (no admissions about how long that actually was) I got everything straightened out, but I definitely wont be using any

pre-made patterns anytime soon I can assure you. I don’t care how cute they are, it’s just not worth the headache it gives me!


So am I the only one who has trouble using patterns or do you also feel like those directions

are written by martians? Or someone whose never used a sewing machine?


16 thoughts on “The Flotsam and Jetsam Dress – Simplicity 2270

  1. I love how that dress turned out! So pretty. I love that neckline a whole bunch too! I'm sorry the pattern was such a pain. I stay away from them too. I have bought a few patterns from bloggers, and they are WAY easier to follow. I think it's because they are written in tutorial/blog language, that I'm used to. My mom uses patterns, but I just can't do it (and I've never really been brave enough to try them either!) 🙂

    1. Thanks Lynette! I thought about adding embroidery to the collar, but I kinda like it plain now. I totally agree that the blogger patterns are MUCH easier to follow. My Gramma always used commercial patterns too, so maybe next time I should get her to decipher it for me!

    1. It's no wonder there are so many ladies who think they can't sew. They've probably all been trying to use the "easy" patterns! 😀 Thanks for visiting Cindy!

  2. Ha! I know exactly what you are talking about, because I've made that dress, twice! It does get easier the second time around. Lots of times I just cut out the pattern pieces and construct it the way it makes the most sense to me (maybe not the "correct" way, but it usually works out:) Cute dress 🙂

    1. Haha, Thank for that Marnae! So good to know I wasn't just having a "moment". I really should just start scrapping the directions and winging it too. Even if something goes a little wonky, it still wouldn't drive me this crazy!

    1. It's so true Jenya! And there are so many of us you think the directions are confusing, you'd think someone would let the pattern companies know.

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