The Surf and Sun Outfit

Handmade children's fashion
Have you ever started sewing something with only the vaguest idea of what you were going to make?
Although most of the pieces in the Out to Sea collection began with detailed sketches, when I started making this shirt
I only knew that I wanted to do a beaded neckline. I had no idea what the shape would be, or how the sleeves would look,
but I knew there would be beads involved somewhere.
Homemade shirts - Square neckline with embroidery details.
The square front neckline naturally evolved into a square back neckline…


Square neckline with button placket and embroidery.
Then I found these adorable buttons, and knew they would be perfect, so I added a placket…
I don’t generally like yellow, but these buttons really were too perfect!


Notched sleeve and neckline detail with button and running stitch embroidery.
The angles of the necklines would be complimented so nicely by notched sleeves…


Notched sleeve detail with button and running stitch embroidery.
Wow, check out that cat hair! 
And I just happen to have two buttons left over that would fit just right on the cuffs.

Of course the one thing that I had actually planned for was the only detail that I didn’t end up using,
and the beads were replaced by a bright yellow running stitch instead!


Homemade yellow shorts with navy running stitch embroidery
So now Aurelia had this amazingly special shirt, and absolutely nothing to go with it.
Matching shorts were obviously a necessity…complete with the contrasting running stitch embroidery.
Homemade clothes - sewing for fun
In the end I was shocked that a half-baked plan, plus a color I don’t even like, somehow managed to become
one of the cutest outfits I’ve ever made! Talk about serendipity. Maybe I shold try to “wing it” more often!
How do you start a new sewing project?
Do you like to have a plan or make it up as you go?


13 thoughts on “The Surf and Sun Outfit

    1. Ha! You should have seen all the out-takes. She's only smiling because I told her she could go to the swimming pool if she gave me a cute picture. There's quite a bit of bribery involved any time you see her smiling!

  1. OMG, Toni! When did Reli get so "Grown Up"? Her face is losing the toddler look quickly & jumping right into the Little Girl look! She is Stunningly Beautiful!!! I LOVE her smile, bribed or not & those braids are getting long! Oh, and I LOVE the outfit also! Such a Nautical styled top & the ever "Let's Go Sailing" blue & gold color scheme!!

    1. Thanks so much Chelle! My husband's been saying the same thing about Reli all week…"When did she get so tall? Why is her hair so long?" but I just want to know when that terrible two attitude turn into full blown teenager mode? I thought mood swings were supposed to come with the hormones! 😉

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