Tidal Pool Tunic

Jellyfish DIY shirt
It seems only fitting to kick off the Out to Sea Collection with the idea that got the whole thing started. Months ago I was considering different ways to decorate a few of Corbin’s boring solid tee shirts, and began making a list of critters that I thought might be cute. Of course the standard sharks, whales, and crabs were the first things to pop into my head, but I wanted to be a bit more original than that. Round two consisted of sea turtles, otters, shrimp, seals, jellyfish, and sea monsters. Ok, not that last one. Honestly, I wish I had thought to make something with sea monsters on it, but since I haven’t the foggiest idea what they’d look like, I quit once I got to the jellyfish.
Toddler fashion DIY Jellyfish shirt
Imagining their float-y transparent squiggly-ness immediately got me thinking about doing some kind of embroidery. I know french knots have been all the rage lately, but once I actually sat down and began considering the hundreds of perfect individual knots it would involve, I got a headache and quickly changed my mind. It might have been a lazy cop-out on my part, but I think that in the end the random waves and wiggles of the free motion stitching were a much better choice. They’re fun, imperfect, and best of all…quick!
Free motion jellyfish diy shirt
The shirt itself was a simple t-shirt refashion that I completely forgot to photograph because I never botherd to use a pattern. Isn’t it so much more fun to just start hacking away sometimes? First I cut the collar band off a navy tee and folded the raw edge under to make it into a boat neck. Then I chopped off the sleeves and traced the basic shape of the body from another t-shirt. Once that was cut out, it was easy to just sew up the sides, and stitch the too big sleeves back in place. Adding a small piece of the original collar to the sleeves made a nice little cuff, and pulled the extra-large sleeve into a cute puff shape. Quick and easy DIY shirt just how I like it.
Jellyfish shirt DIY

Stop back tomorrow for the tutorial on how to make the free motion jellyfish.

They’re surprisingly simple, and a great way to jazz up a boring shirt!


7 thoughts on “Tidal Pool Tunic

  1. Love it! As impressive as big complicated projects are, I really do love the simple ones like this. It came out so great, and looks fun to make, too 🙂

  2. Hi Toni! You are such an excellent seamstress! I love how you just turn out the cutest things in only a few minutes! I love the octopus shirt! Your daughter is so adorable in it! I'm new at sewing and have a new sewing machine that seems easy enough, but I'm not sure about that embroidery! I'll have to get some nerves up for this one! But, I'm willing to give it a try cause your tutorial is so good! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

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