Sweet and Simple Sailboat Shirt (with printable)

Sailboat t-shirt tutorial (with printable)
While I’ve been so busy with all of Aurelia’s summer clothes (which she doesn’t even need!), poor Corbin has been forced to wear the same five outfits over and over again. I’m sure he couldn’t care less, but it kinda makes me feel bad that he’s been left out. Unfortunately, I don’t have much experience with boy’s clothes yet so I decided to start small with a simple freezer paper stenciled t-shirt. I know practically everyone knows about freezer paper by now, but this one turned out to be so adorable I just had to share it with you guys anyway!


Simple little boys t-shirt refashion
It’s so easy I’m sure most of you can figure it out on your own, but I wrote some simple directions just in case.
And I’ve even added a printable to make it easier! Simply enlarge the image if you plan to make a larger shirt.
a plain t-shirt – sailboat printable – freezer paper – fabric paint
paintbrush – a small piece of ric rac (5-7 inches) – thread to match your ric rac

Trace the printable onto a piece of freezer paper and cut out the three sections.
Iron the freezer paper into place on your t-shirt.
Slip a piece of paper or cardboard into the inside of the shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through.
Paint the boat with your desired colors and let it dry.
Peel away the freezer paper and use an iron to set the paint if necessary. (follow the directions on the bottle)
Trim your piece of ric rac to the length you like, and seal the ends with a lighter.
Pin the ric rac along the bottom edge of the boat and stitch it in place back-tacking at the beginning and end.
Trim your threads, and your done!

I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in key lime, turquoise, and delta blue lightened with a little white.

Little boy's embellished t-shirt
I don’t think this technically counts as “boy” clothes since the boat would look equally adorable in pink,
but at least it’s a start. Maybe by winter Corbin will be getting a collection of his own…maybe. 😉
Stop back tomorrow to hear all about the matching shorts!


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    1. Oh gosh, he's been walking for an age now, but you're right that he's getting big. The Dr. said last week that he's already 30 pounds (13.6kg for you)! That's almost as much as Reli, and she's 3 1/2!

  1. This is so cute! I just might have to try it. I have seen the freezer paper stencil stuff before but most were more complicated designs that I didn't want to start with! Love how you shared your image thanks!

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