Sailor Knot Skirt

Sailor Knot Skirt

Am I getting a bit too cheesy with the whole “nautical” theme yet?

Sorry, but I just can’t help myself. I’ve always thought rope knots were fascinating, and it just made logical sense to include them in this collection. The only problem is that they’re ridiculously addicting! I mean don’t they make the most perfect embellishment? I had already made a headband to go with the sailor shorts, and then this skirt turned out so cute that I can’t stop. I’m tempted to make a matching one for myself! Couldn’t you see a whole collection of different knots on a beach tote, or tiny ones running along the hem of a t-shirt?

Oh the possibilities!


Nautical inspired knot skirt
The raglan top is also a simple refashion of a thrift store shirt that matched perfectly. Such a lucky find!
This knot was originally planned as a replacement for the ribbons along the bottom of the Coastal Bliss Dress, but at the last minute I decide to separate then into two projects instead. I really wanted to make the dress in that beautiful green color, and the knot just seemed to make more sense on a red or blue background. What do you think, did I make the right call?

Be sure to stop back later in the week to see the tutorial!

26 thoughts on “Sailor Knot Skirt

  1. Wow! You are very talented! I love the design and execution. And yes, excellent call putting the knot on a red background. Do you have an etsy shop? I have a 4 year old that might NEED that skirt lol

    1. Thank Illi, That's so sweet! Unfortunately I don't have an Etsy shop just yet, but I've definitely been thinking about it. Hopefully after our next move I'll be able to find the time to pull something together!

    1. Great to have you along Gina! If you're a beginner, I definitely suggest checking out the Sewing Tips page up top. There are some really neat tricks up there that I wish I had know when I was starting out!

  2. so cute!! I love love love the knot!! New Bloglovin follower! I'm currently hosting a Sewing series called Sew Many Books.. I'd love for you to come over and check it out! EMily

    1. Haha, I'm pretty sure Corbin is actually crying in that picture and Reli thinks that it's hilarious! But since no one can really tell, I'm pretending that they are just happy little friends. 😀

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