Sailor Shorts Remix

My version of Peek-a-boo Pattern's sailor shorts

What would a Nautical Collection be without a pair of adorable sailor shorts?


Exactly, it would be sad. Very sad indeed. I needed these, but for some reason, me, Miss. “Draft all the things!”

just couldn’t bring myself to work up a pattern. (to my credit, I had already made 7 others) So much to Anthony’s shock,

I broke down and ordered one instead. And honestly, I’m so glad that I did.

kid's sailor shorts
I started with the Sailor Shorts pattern from Peek a Boo Pattern Shop and it was lovely. Of course I can never leave well enough alone, so I did a simple pattern hack to replace the bias tape with piping. Then I left off the cuffs and added piping around the leg openings too. But how ridiculously cute are they? Amy has done any amazing job and they fit wonderfully! I’ll definitely be making these again and again for both kids, and I won’t even have to drive myself nuts with grading to do it!
Kid's sailor shorts pattern remix

I mean seriously, I’m all for do-it-myself most of the time, but does everything have to be harder than necessary? Why not support some other blogging Momma’s once in awhile? They definitely make things much easier to understand than those commercial monstrosities! What do you think? Are you an “I can do everything by myself” kind of sewer, or more of a “whatever will make my life easier” kinda gal?(or gent!) What’s your definition of work smarter not harder? Saving money or saving time?



32 thoughts on “Sailor Shorts Remix

  1. Smarter, not harder*. Look how cute those shorts are, they're great!!!

    *Within reason, sometimes I just can't afford a pattern I have my eye on so have to make do with what I can afford and edit!

    1. Since you sell your own patterns I was wondering what you would say, but I should have known when I see you make other people's bags all the time!

    1. Thanks T'onna! With a blog name like that, I can't believe your daughter doesn't already have a few pairs of her own. They'd be adorable on her!

  2. Super super cute!! I wish I had the "I'll draft it myself" talent. I know I COULD do it but it's just so much faster to use a pattern that someone else has already done all the tweaking to 🙂
    Heidi @

  3. Omg, your little girl and her sailor shorts are so sweet! Love the sailor look. Your piping is amazing! Haven't tried that yet! Pinned your post. Older girls and women would love these too! I posted DIY Doily Jacket to the Sew CAn do party. Stop by:)

    1. Thanks Jolanda it's my favorite too. I know nautical is just so predictable, but I just can't help myself. It's all just so stinkin' cute!

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