Snapshot Sunday : Fireworks

Goldfish crackers
We’ve been so busy this week with out of town visitors, family outings, and even a random stomach bug, but our trip into Manassas proper to see the fireworks turned out to be an adventure all it’s own. First there was the problem of finding a place to park, but that’s always a hassle. Of course we had doubled our trouble and had taken two cars just in case the kids needed to leave early. Neither of them had ever seem fireworks before, and loud booming noises going off right next to you, when you’re up two hours past your bedtime…It could easily become a meltdown. Miraculously we found two spots next to each other just three blocks from the action. Score!
After that, our “plan of attack” pretty much went right out the window. We arrived at the park around 6:30 and got a great spot right on the lawn across from where the fireworks are launched. We laid out our blanket, and sent Ant to get some food since we hadn’t eaten dinner. Fail #1. I’m not kidding when I say Ant stood in line for 2 hours (yes,you read that right) to get a cheeseburger. 2 stinkin’ hours!
Meanwhile I’m sitting on the blanket with two restless and hungry kids just waiting for it to get dark at 9:15. Fail #2! We brought no entertainment. Not a ball, book, toy, crayons, Nothing! A normal person would have busted out the iphone and let them watch cartoons, but I don’t have an iphone. Ours is off in line somewhere with Ant. So instead I’m chasing them around the lawn, plowing through every cracker/granola/fruit snack I can dredge up from the bottom of my purse. Thankfully we thought to bring along a bowl of blueberries and watermelon, but it was still a very very long 2 1/2 hours. 
4th of July fireworks
4th of July fireworks
4th of July fireworks
 4th of July fireworks
Luckily they both ended up enjoying themselves, so the long wait was well worth it.
Happy Independence Day!
4th of July fireworks
I know these two shots aren’t what you’d call “good” but they were my favorites anyway!
4th of July fireworks
For those of you here in the states how did your holiday go?
Did you get to enjoy any fireworks?

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4 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday : Fireworks

  1. Oh Toni! You have 2 little ones & YOU didn't pack ANY distractions?!! I really thought you had this "Mother" thing down by now! Silly Me!! LOL
    You are SO funny & your kids are SO cute!! LOVE the first one w/ Reli & her "Stink Eye"!! And I agree w/ you on the pics, that last one is AWESOME!!! We did get to see fireworks from our upper deck! We had 2 locations to watch & Mother Nature was trying to UP-stage w/ HER show of fantastic lightning!! What a show it was. Sure wish I had little ones again for times like this
    :^( Glad to hear yours was nice! Have a WONDER-Full week ahead!!!

    1. I know right? What was I thinking? (obviously I wasn't!) In my defense though, it was actually Ant that "packed" for the night, and I just forgot to double check his supplies. I think having my FIL decide to drop in for the entire week really just threw me off my game. Hopefully now that that's over I'll be back to my normal "Super Mom" self. ;D

      Glad to hear you had a nice holiday. Lightning and fireworks sounds like it would be gorgeous to watch! So long as you can do it from the comfort of your own home of course.

  2. Haha I just love hearing that you are a normal mom chasing after two wild toddlers! We spent the holidays watching the rain… 8 Inches!

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