The Castaway Dress (a simple t-shirt refashion)

Diy tshirt dress


Isn’t it funny how the simplest sewing project is always your kid’s favorite?
You could spend hours on special details, ribbons, embroidery, piping, etc. and they will completely ignore it in favor
of the t-shirt you slapped together in 15 minutes one afternoon. That’s exactly what happened with this dress.
Castaway Dress tshirt refashion
It was never part of the original sketches for the Out to Sea collection, but I just happen to find a long sleeve tee in my
refashion pile and thought to myself “Hey, that kinda matches my color scheme. I’ll pull it out just in case.”
Castaway diy t shirt dress
The next thing I know Reli has pulled it from my mess, and begged me to turn it into a “wiggle” dress.
How can you say no to a request like that?
Castaway Dress upcycled t-shirt
In less than a half hour she’s got a new favorite dress that she’d happily wear every day if I’d let her.
And since it’s just a thin t-shirt, she’s even taken to wearing it as a nightgown!
Diy shirts - The Castaway Dress
But if I’m honest, I think I love it too. It’s a very simple “me” kinda style.
And why not make a dozen if they are so easy to whip up, and they make her this happy?
Be sure to stop back tomorrow for the tutorial.
It could be one of the easiest dresses that your girly ever adores!


2 thoughts on “The Castaway Dress (a simple t-shirt refashion)

  1. I love your dress! I like what you did with the hemline and also how you closed up the neck opening a bit on the sides. I'm pinning it! Lovely job!

    1. Thanks Mary Jo! I really like the hem too, and was lucky enough that it was original to the shirt so I didn't have to do any extra work. Gotta love that!

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